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Manchester: What Price for Freedom?

Manchester: What Price for Freedom?
May 24
13:34 2017

Perthshire, Scotland 

Were children deliberately targeted in the Manchester attack for the benefit of people other than terrorists?

This is now becoming a distinct possibility with the imposition of what amounts to martial law in Britain in the wake of the Manchester “terrorist” attack.

What are we meant to think, when an un-elected sitting Prime Minister’s election manifesto and her personal standing is being shredded by almost all sections of the media?

Mrs May’s personal ratings have plummeted with the u-turns on important campaign pledges. There was a growing possibility of her losing the general election to Jeremy Corbyn’s rag-tag band of brothers and sisters. This was completely unthinkable only a few days ago.

When she was given the role of Prime Minister, it was obvious that someone had made the decision for the party.

At the beginning of the leadership contest, there was definitely a good chance of her not being the winner. But suddenly, her closest challengers meekly gave way, declaring her the best person for the job. Really?

I didn’t believe she was at the time and I believe it even less now. Her inability to withstand any kind of questioning without becoming shouty and shrill, was obvious.

She refused the invitation to take part in a party leader’s debate because it would have exposed her to questions she wouldn’t have been able to answer.

So, what could be done to save the country from the chance of a surprise Labour party success in the election?

The people who put Mrs May into office couldn’t allow their project to be derailed by some sandal wearing, bearded socialist peacenik.

A distraction perhaps? Something so big and horrendous, that nothing else could dominate the 24/7 media circus for days if not weeks?

These people have no conscience. Whatever has to be done will be done. Terrorism is used by them to make sure their agenda is not disrupted by anything as annoying as democracy.

Their preferred candidate will always win!

We are now seeing exactly what they are capable of doing.

Other “terrorist” attacks on Britain recently had not had the desired fear effect. We have become almost used to these happening.

But the threat to their project was becoming so great a possibility, something utterly horrendous had to be done.

This act of terror, having been directed at children, has had several consequences…..

The raising of the “terrorist” threat to critical. The complete misdirection of the media from internal political strife, and also the chance to put troops on the streets.

Troops on the street have been a bonus for these evil people. I don’t think this was part of the original plan, although I could be wrong, but it has allowed government to “test the water”.

See how the public take to this unusual experience in the name of security, calling it a short term response to the imminent threat, and gauging their reaction.

From what I’ve seen of the response, this has been taken with gratitude by most people. Obviously they feel safer having the army patrolling their towns and cities, but not thinking about how and why this has really happened.

You may think I’m a fantasist, and you may well be correct. But this is part of a pattern worldwide.

Consider the horror of 9/11. What did it allow the USA to do?

It allowed them to invade two countries it hated, but had nothing to do with the Twin Tower tragedy and ramp up internal security to levels unseen before.

Almost all western democracies have had one or more “terrorist” attacks. This has had the effect of these countries tightening up security at the expense of civil liberties. This creates fear and uncertainty.

It also brings each country into line with with the agenda of the puppet masters.

Do as they are told, or more attacks will take place. Suddenly new laws are written and more freedoms are eroded!

When a population is under threat from sources unknown and unpredictable, it will let government trample unfettered over civil liberties in the name of security and freedom, and the population will applaud.

Yes, security and freedom!

Yet, the reality is the polar opposite.

It allows the state to secure its grip on the people and restrict its freedom.

This unprecedented situation might only last a very short time, but it is a precursor to something much more permanent.

Please be aware of politicians who promise to protect your personal liberties and freedom by having the army patrolling your neighbourhood!

*This article is solely my opinion, and in no way diminishes my horror of this week’s outrage in Manchester or the victims of this crime against humanity*

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Tel Aviv lit up with the flag of Great Britain soon after Manchester attack; photo courtesy of Oren Rozen, Wikimedia Commons]

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