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The American State of Bewilderment

The American State of Bewilderment
December 12
22:01 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

Since the election result was announced in November, the Democratic part of the country has been stumbling around like a drunken hippopotamus on a water bed, completely unable to comprehend what had happened to their sainted candidate, Mrs Clinton.

They have been going through the whole gamut of bereavement emotions. Raging initially at the shock of an odds on favourite being beaten by a braying three legged donkey.

It reminded me of the reaction of the pro-independence voters after the referendum, and the pro-EU muppets when their dreams were shattered into a million tiny pieces.

Over a month after the bouffant buffoon created history, probably by accident, the Democrats are still looking for someone to blame, other than the shrill Mrs Clinton.

At the moment, Russia and its cosmetically enhanced, bare chested, he-man of a president, Vladimir Putin is the favourite.

While this is highly unlikely, it’s preferable to the Dems than the possibility that their own candidate was hopelessly out of touch with the majority of the population, and didn’t think she needed to campaign in some states.

Back at the paranoia party, there are demands for recounts and investigations into voter fraud.

Ok, let’s look at the “facts”. Trump won. Hillary lost. Reasons? There are a few.

Why in this age of computer hacking, would the USA use voting machines? Could some enemy of the state have manipulated the vote count in a way which gave the result to Trump? Also, why does every state have different variations in voting systems? How difficult would it would be to standardise the voting system across the whole country?

This is the country which claims to be a shining beacon of democracy. Surely it can’t be beyond the scope of the USA to have a secure way of voting in a new president!

I have suggested the seldom used pencil and paper system for this tricky operation. But I doubt if something as complicated as this will ever be used successfully in a civilised society.

Another suggestion is to have the election scrutinised by some independent body. Possibly Haiti or any central African country? I’m not entirely serious, but probably better than the existing way of doing things.

The current whine, is that Hillary Clinton won the “popular” vote. This isn’t something new. Ask Al Gore. The system, as it stands, can occasionally throw up this anomaly, but it doesn’t make the result null and void.

I remember the uproar when the same thing happened between Gore and Bush. But the result wasn’t changed. Back then, people probably weren’t as entitled as they are now. They expected a different result, and when they didn’t, they just couldn’t accept what had happened. Hissy fits were had all over the country, and are still taking place.

There has to be a bogey man. A smoking gun. Something, anything, which will make the result go away, and the status quo maintained.

I get messages, saying look at this article. It proves that the Russians made Trump President. Or, look at this tweet thread. It shows how Hillary is the rightful winner, because, well, she should be.

Face facts. Hillary Clinton is history. She has as much chance of being president of the USA as my mother’s elderly cat! The email nonsense didn’t change anything. It was just another distraction amid a vast number of distractions.

On the subject of the stages of bereavement, this will eventually include acceptance. Acceptance of the result of the worst election in the history of the United States of America.

Acceptance of the worst, most moronic, self obsessed out of control, megalomaniac ever to be elevated to the presidency of any country in the history of the planet!

Good luck America. You’re going to need all you can get.

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Election day tension, the ELEPHANT and the ASS square off, courtesy of carmichaellibrary, Wikimedia Commons]

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