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The Last Rites: The Election That Killed the American Circus

The Last Rites: The Election That Killed the American Circus
November 05
12:40 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

Talking about American politics has become a quite depressing conversation.

Trying to find positives amid the smouldering debris of what was once a shining beacon of democracy, has become very difficult but not completely impossible.

If nothing else, this election campaign has shown the ugly truth which has been thinly veiled for decades, by successive governments. Racism has escaped from its lair, and is rampaging across the country.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1888

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1888

Donald Trump, despite his apologists, has been wholly responsible for this abhorrence. Weasel words from him attempting to backtrack on some of his earlier outbursts, aren’t to be believed.

He has stirred up hatred and fear, without any concerns about where these vile comments would lead.

He is not someone who has the moral capacity of a tree frog. He has no apparent conscience and no off button. He is full on boorish all day and every day.

This makes him an utterly unsuitable candidate for any position of power, never mind the Presidency of the United States! His type of personality is one which has no self doubt and no self awareness. This makes him a very dangerous human being.

In any “normal” circumstances, he would be a bar room bully. Swaggering around telling his pals just how damn smart he was, and what he would do to the female bartender, if he could actually raise the flagpole!

I could imagine him try drunkenly to grab the waitress as she walked past, because he thought he was God’s gift to women!

The same kind of man who attacks and belittles those who he sees as weaker and inferior to his bloated superiority.

He would also be the type to believe he could run the country, if only he got the chance. “God damn politicians” he would slur. “If I was there, it would be a different story!”

And lo and behold, there he is, living that bar room bully’s dream, in full technicolour!

This is perhaps the most terrifying aspect to this man. No one but no one is as good as him at anything! He knows best in all matters at all times.

Trump’s opponent in this utter shambles of an election, is Hillary Clinton. She has had a wide and varied career in politics and law. To her supporters, she is someone who can do no wrong. To her opponents, she is the devil incarnate.

Somewhere in the middle lies the truth. She obviously can’t be perfect. She was married to President Bill Clinton after all. Her demeanour has become more shrill as the realisation that she just might not win this election, has dawned on her.

The calmness she exuded during the farcical television debates, has gone and a faintly manic tone has taken its place. It’s obvious that she hates Trump and is terrified that he could actually win the election!

Her eyes have a wild look about them. Almost as if she is on the verge of losing all control. The campaign has unsurprisingly taken its toll on her health. She isn’t in the first flush of youth. Most people, her and also Trump’s age are generally living in quiet retirement in a gated and secure “village” in sunny Florida, instead of hurtling round a continent, hustling for the votes of the undecided.

The constant hand shaking and baby kissing would make most people run for the hills, instead of for president! I’m surprised tiredness didn’t make it the other way round: Hand kissing and baby shaking!

It takes a special kind of ego to go through all of this personal torture for a job in which they will ultimately fail. That’s the nature of the beast. As soon as their arses are on the leather chair behind the desk in the Oval Office, all previous promises are dropped immediately.

To the outside world, this election has been like watching a very old and rickety circus, finally fall apart at the seams. Flea ridden clowns and arthritic lions at last put out of their misery. And the Big Top tattered and in flames.

American democracy, like all governments, has been laid bare for what it is. A sham held together by crooked business men and corrupt politicians.

I have no idea which of these flawed characters will win after all the votes, legally and illegally are cast, but whichever one it is, the world will not be a safer place.

That is the really frightening part.

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[American circus photo in public domain, creator unknown; Lautrec painting in public domain, from Wikimedia Commons]

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