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Vote In, Vote Out, Vote Shake It All About

Vote In, Vote Out, Vote Shake It All About
June 22
16:37 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

So here we are on the eve of this historic referendum. Still scratching our heads on which way to cast our vote. Who is right? Who is wrong? Who cares? Who couldn’t give a damn?


credit: Philafrenzy. Wikimedia Commons

After all the rhetoric of the past few weeks, there are still so many people who are undecided in this two horse race. At least they are claiming they’re undecided. I think it’s a case of not wanting to tell anyone which way they’re going to vote. There is so much at stake, and so much abuse of people who are voting one way or the other, that a lot of people just don’t want to publicly state their intentions!

The Scottish independence referendum had a similar feel. Polls weren’t particularly accurate, as people just didn’t want to talk about their vote. In fact the the rancorous feelings are still very much to the fore. There has been very little making up between the warring factions. They are still bickering like school children over who owns the only football in the school.

I feel that similar or worse will happen after this referendum. There is so much at stake, no one wants to be on the losing side. It’s entirely possible that David Cameron will have to resign if the vote goes against him. If Cameron manages to keep Britain in the EU, then Boris Johnson will probably have to slink off and lick his wounds until another opportunity to take the top job comes along.

In fact, I’d be delighted if they both left the stage and headed for the political wilderness.

We hear the exact opposite views from each side. The type of yah boo nonsense we see in the House of Commons, day in and day out. This doesn’t sit well with voting public who are tired of scare stories coming from either side of the argument. They want facts, and not the utter bollocks they are currently faced with.

I caught sight of Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, in a television debate last night. She was so wound up, that her face looked like an overripe tomato! I thought her head was in danger of exploding! At that point I left the room and took cover under the stairs.

Apparently no one exploded, which was a pity. It would have made the last day of campaigning more fun. God knows, it needs some humour injected into the whole sorry mess!

Watching the television news, is like watching two fields of donkeys braying at each other over the fence.

It’s a case of who can try to baffle the other more, without seeing that the average person hates all of the participants!

Whether I vote Remain or Leave is immaterial. I’m old enough to know that whatever happens, I will probably never see the good or bad of the decision. I will vote, because this is important and can’t just stand on the sidelines and shout abuse at the teams. I just despair at the level of argument we have had to endure for what feels like an eternity!

Unfortunately, the braying of the donkeys of both sides will go on for a long time yet. There will be little respite.

The fact that huge corporations are backing Remain, shows that Leave have the right idea, but they have their own multinational backers, so not much trust in them either.

We should have had a third choice on the ballot paper. That would have been to banish all current combatants to a small island in the Pacific ocean, where they could argue, unheard by any of us ever again.

This is silly, but I don’t think I’m alone in wanting a massive clear out of these parasites. The Euro gravy train is running into the buffers at high speed. Eventually more countries across Europe will also hold referendums to get out of the swamp of corruption which is what this has become.

By becoming an MEP, most people are set for life. It’s a get rich quick scheme of the kind, that great snake oil salesman, David Cameron loves so much.

That entire countries have gone bankrupt because of the bone headed bovine stupidity of the EU, doesn’t matter a jot or tittle to these greedy unscrupulous scumbags, as long as they are getting rich off the back of this train wreck!

Oops, I just might have given a hint of which way I could vote!

Oh well, I can’t unsay what’s been said.

If anyone reads this, please get out and vote tomorrow. Vote with a clear head and a clear conscience and be true to yourself.


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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

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