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The Destiny Manifest in Our Exceptional American Dream

DAN RUDY The American Heartland   God, we’re good.  That is to say, a very Judeo-Christian God and not the one those seething heathen Mohammedans and Hollywood limousine liberals claim. 

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Obama’s Flush With Dirty Cash

I met an older man in the restroom of the college I teach at. I’d never seen him before, but as we were washing our hands and standing side by

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NYC ‘Ramping Up’ Security & Hanging Extra Flags

From CBS News: U.S. officials said Thursday they were investigating a detailed al Qaeda car bomb plot aimed at bridges or tunnels in New York or Washington. Bloomberg says the

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Four More Years, Detroit Screams at Obama

Four more years! At the Labor Day rally in Detroit, Obama stepped to the podium and had to repeatedly thank the crowd for their wild cheering and applause. They wouldn’t

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Anybody But Obama 2012! ctd

By Austin Wayne Luebke Amman, Jordan He ain’t worth it. My friend Alexander Cockburn tells you so: There are plenty

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Anybody But Obama 2012!

BY AUSTIN WAYNE LUEBKE Amman, Jordan And by anybody I mean Ron Paul. For all you leftists and self-identified progressives

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