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NYC ‘Ramping Up’ Security & Hanging Extra Flags

September 09
17:43 2011

From CBS News:

U.S. officials said Thursday they were investigating a detailed al Qaeda car bomb plot aimed at bridges or tunnels in New York or Washington.
Bloomberg says the New York Police Department is deploying additional resources to keep residents safe ahead of the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks on Sunday. He says the city’s 9/11 observance will go ahead as planned.
“The best thing that we can do to fight terrorists is to refuse to be intimidated by it,” he says. “For 10 years we have not allowed terrorists to intimidate us. We have lived our lives without fear and we will continue to do so. And so go about your business as you normally would, but just be vigilant.”
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly says he’s increasing the towing of illegally parked cars. He says there will be an increased focus on bridges and tunnels.

‘Ramping up’ security also means every citizen should hang their American flag (flag sucking half wits) in the face of possible danger. The close proximity of red, white, and blue strikes fear in anyone not on the side of Liberty & Freedom.

That’s how it’s always been. As Bloomberg says, We will not be intimidated by these terrorist clowns. For 10 years we have not been intimidated by terrorists.

But we have been intimidated by our federal government. We have seen the erosion of the First and Fourth Amendments (arguably two of the most important, freedom-loving Amendments). We now know that any American citizen can be spied on anytime the federal government feels it worthwhile.

We also know the president can issue a death warrant for anyone he deems worthy of being killed.Although I made it sound like an honor, it’s not. The federal government literally has the power to put you on a list of people to watch, or to kill. All because the public allows it. They are afraid of terrorists. The American public will risk any freedom so as not to be threatened or attacked by terrorists.

We have been embarrassingly intimidated, and it’s time to finally cut through the bullshit. The last decade of American life might be defined by intimidated.

There is really a kill list. It’s not a wild conspiracy. Americans are on it, even though they’ve never been convicted of any crime. If you watch football all day, you probably don’t know about it. Glenn Greenwald writes:

The ACLU then highlights one of the most perverse though revealing ironies of Democratic Party opinion on civil liberties in the Obama age: the way in which Bush’s attempt merely to imprison a U.S. citizen without due process (or merely to eavesdrop on citizens) prompted such outrage, while Obama’s claimed right to assassinate U.S. citizens without due process provokes virtually no protest


Critically, the ACLU emphasizes that this Obama fixation — wildly expanded programs of targeted killings even of U.S. citizens far from any battlefield — is as threatening to the rule of law, and at least as dangerous

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