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Four More Years, Detroit Screams at Obama

September 05
22:41 2011
Four more years! At the Labor Day rally in Detroit, Obama stepped to the podium and had to repeatedly thank the crowd for their wild cheering and applause. They wouldn’t stop, and they began chanting, “Four more years!” like a classroom filled with schoolchildren shouting out the answer to the question, How many years is the president’s term? as if whoever answered the loudest would get a candy bar. Snickers, perhaps.

Those fools. Detroit just lost its very last job in August. It’s official. There are no more jobs in Detroit, and these Labor Day ralliers are pleading for more death and destruction. Cash for Clunkers ran out, and now these people want four more years for a man who can’t stand up for his party’s ideals and instead has caved to Republicans time and again (think December over the Bush tax cuts, and think recently over the failure to simply extend the debt ceiling using the 14th Amendment, rather than be strong-armed by the GOP).

Maybe they’re hoping for a Cash for Newer, Less Clunky Clunkers program. While the GOP candidates are extremely goofy and grotesque, there should be no exuberance left for Barack Obama.

Unless there were a whole lot of GOPers in that Labor Day crowd who have been pleased by the six or seven wars going on under the Obama administration, and pleased by the president’s crackdown on whistleblowers, and his refusal to firmly stand behind unions, I don’t understand what they were so joyfully cheering about.

Unless these people like a falsely-left-leaning president who has done nothing to pare back the Bush administration’s Executive branch overstepping, who has done nothing to stop torture and CIA black sites (prisons) overseas, and who has done nothing to bring us out of our daily surveillance-state that might make even George Orwell shudder, there should not have been one friendly face at that rally. Detroit should have run him out of town.

Anybody but Obama 2012


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