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Sugar Daddies Paying Off Today’s Student Loans:

Amanda M. Fairbanks tells the story of young college girls who seek older, wealthy men who pay generously for an afternoon of sex or a classy evening out and a

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Islamic Month of Ramadan: Prayer Breaks During Work

A question from an observant Muslim about taking prayer breaks during work is posed to Frank Gibson, who responds:  This is an especially good time to address this topic as

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The 2nd Half of the Debt Deal for Progressives

Neil Munro writes: Obama made sure to remind progressives and liberals disappointed by the Sunday deal that he supports their preference for tax increases over spending cuts. The second half

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The President Surrenders Again: A Smashing Tea Party Victory?

Andrew Leonard writes about Obama’s debt ceiling deal: In the end, President Obama had to admit surrender. He tried to put a bold face on it, but there’s no other

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Living in the Banana Republic

Paul Krugman weighed in on the debt ceiling deal: For the deal itself, given the available information, is a disaster,

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The Debt Deal is Done: Obama, Congress Leave Liberals Fuming

David Espo included the “harshly critical statement” released by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee in his piece about the debt deal

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L.A. Meter Maid Tells Tourists: Stop Asking Me to Take Your Stupid Family Pictures

Larry, the Meter MaidLos Angeles ‘meter maids’ have a difficult job in ticketing cars that have been parked too long,

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Is a Primary Challenge to Obama a Bad Idea?

Ralph Nader reminded us on Countdown just how non-progressive Pres Obama has been in his first years as president, and

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Cowboys & Aliens: From the Director of Iron Man!

Which is exactly the reason why I will not be seeing the movie. Featuring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde,

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White House Labor Committee: Every Major US Business Must Hire At Least 10 Unemployed People

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