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Living in the Banana Republic

Paul Krugman weighed in on the debt ceiling deal: For the deal itself, given the available information, is a disaster, and not just for President Obama and his party. It

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The Debt Deal is Done: Obama, Congress Leave Liberals Fuming

David Espo included the “harshly critical statement” released by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee in his piece about the debt deal struck by Obama & congressional leaders: Seeing a Democratic president

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L.A. Meter Maid Tells Tourists: Stop Asking Me to Take Your Stupid Family Pictures

Larry, the Meter MaidLos Angeles ‘meter maids’ have a difficult job in ticketing cars that have been parked too long, parked at an expired meter, double parked, parked in a

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Is a Primary Challenge to Obama a Bad Idea?

Ralph Nader reminded us on Countdown just how non-progressive Pres Obama has been in his first years as president, and he thinks the president should be challenged by a real

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Cowboys & Aliens: From the Director of Iron Man!

Which is exactly the reason why I will not be seeing the movie. Featuring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde,

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White House Labor Committee: Every Major US Business Must Hire At Least 10 Unemployed People

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The Ghetto Bird is haunting my area — can’t work with that constant thwup thwup thwup and a light bright enough to make Satan squint

Mid-Wilshire is lit up tonight. Somebody must have done some wrong. The LAPD cars are cruising my block and the

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Vatican House Dog Chews Up Pope’s Mitre & Dies

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIREVatican officials said sometime during the week the Vatican’s favorite pet house dog got into the pope’s sacred

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Well…it was cool in 1999

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Casey Anthony Porn Coming to the Gas Station Magazine Rack Near You?

Did you eagerly watch the Casey Anthony trial and desperately wish you could see, at your own leisure, her naked

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