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In the Dark

In the Dark
October 25
20:31 2020

Pertshire, Scotland

I don’t believe Boris Johnson or the rest of the UK politicians realised what they were signing up for when they were told to put the country under house arrest in March.

I wrote the above sentence a few weeks ago and decided not to use it until I had thought it out properly.

I still don’t know if it is possible that it could be true, or was my optimistic side shading my view of reality?

Could everything which has happened, could have happened without the full knowledge of the politicians, or were they all briefed about the final destination of the virus conspiracy?

Firstly, I don’t believe that the average backbenchers were told anything other than this being about a virus, and they are so self-interested, they didn’t question anything they were told. Very few of them are capable of critical thinking, or have the ability to keep a secret.

So they had to be kept out of the loop.

The Leader of the Labour Party (block of wood) was obviously involved due to his being part of the globalist cabal and trained for the job by the arch-globalist, Tony Blair.

His shadow cabinet, literally without substance, would have been kept in the dark, because had they been given information, they would have immediately leaked it to the Guardian newspaper.

We have to presume that the people who knew, were the ones who were placed in their positions by their globalist masters. Which would explain why the majority of MPs didn’t have a clue about what was really happening.

They are obviously more interested in their own selfish interests than looking closely into the reasons for the draconian Coronavirus 2020 Bill.

Had they been ordinary citizens, they would have been appalled by the contents. But by dint of their luck at being elected to the House of Commons, they just voted to make sure that was where they stayed.

Boris Johnson, I believe, had limited knowledge of the end game, and was kept out of all discussions, except the simple stuff. His ego and air of self importance allowed him to be controlled by flattery about his fixation of his being a Churchillian character who was leading his country through a war-like situation to ultimate victory and a place in the pantheon of British heroes.

The real decisions were being taken by the seriously creepy Matt Hancock and the evil twins, Vallance and Whitty.

The media message has hardly wavered from fear mongering propaganda, due to the main players being in thrall to the globalists and their pet lunatic, Gates, whose appearances were like a caricature of all Bond villains and only lacked him sitting behind a huge desk, stroking a fluffy white cat.

The allowing of selected public protests on the streets of major cities and the police brutality shown where the protests were against the house arrest and other insane rules, still didn’t have any effect on the general public or, of course, the media.

Opposition had come initially from critical thinkers on social media, and the very occasional health care worker who could not keep quiet about what was going on in care homes and hospitals.

As the months have rolled on, we have seen a small taste (deliberately done) of life as we knew it, but as we expected, the much publicised “second wave” duly arrived and we were back to more closures and local lockdowns.

From where I live, they didn’t make any difference to most people until the decision was made to close pubs and restaurants. This was and is a crushing blow for the people who have put their lives into making a successful business.

But closing down small businesses and stopping individuality is part of the communist process which the globalists have been planning for decades. Demoralising the public in order to make them desperate for a vaccine, in order to return to normality is the aim, but of course there will be no return to the life we knew before.

A few politicians have now begun to understand the process, but there is such suspicion of their motives, they really aren’t being believed.

Some journalists are also beginning to see what they have been ignoring for months, but still aren’t grasping the ultimate goal of the globalist cabal.

Until they do, we only have social media and the occasional public protest to vent our concerns and frustrations against what has become a UK dictatorship.

Back to the first sentence. I believe that the main players in this horror story were mainly working behind the scenes and pulling the strings of the ego-driven politicians.

As time has passed, it has become obvious that the speeches are being written for all the leaders of the UK coup, by the 7000 strong Cabinet Office.

Elsewhere in the world the same thing is happening with the same percentage of the populations blindly following the propaganda. Unless the balance is tipped in favour of the people who can see the truth of the plan, we will have a world which bears little resemblance to the one we had eight months ago.

Yes, only eight months ago almost all of us were living our lives in complete ignorance of what was being planned.

I still believe that there will be the opportunity to stop what is happening, but those who are sleep walking need to wake up quickly.

We cannot afford to be ignorant any longer.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo courtesy of Robert Zunikoff; Unsplash]


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  1. kalenga48
    kalenga48 October 26, 19:56

    A awesome chronology of what has taken place in our name Michael. I fear its getting too late, especially in Scotland, for the masses to wake up. The Nats have to much power and influence here. But I hope England can do it, especially the North, who have been ignored for too long. Living on a prayer….

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