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Are They Socialist Or Aren’t They? Various Reactions to Millennial Generation Survey

Are They Socialist Or Aren’t They? Various Reactions to Millennial Generation Survey
July 14
13:54 2014

Sarah Palin’s menstrual cycle was disrupted recently when a poll done by Reason showed 42 percent of millennials favored socialism over capitalism. For the former governor of Alaska and disgraced VP running mate to the maverick John McCain, the news couldn’t have come at a more hectic time. Between calls for Barack Obama’s impeachment she’s now seeing the battle for the minds of young people turn in a cold direction. She may have even been thrust early into the tortured days of menopause.

The information about young people favoring socialism came from Reason magazine, in an article titled “10 Fun Facts About the Millennial Generation“, except there was nothing fun for many who uncovered the dirty details.

Dick Cheney’s transplanted heart shuddered when he’d heard the news. It did not quit on him. No, he’d been assured by his doctors he wouldn’t be leaving this planet any time too soon, despite his body being wracked by one continuous heart attack that began in 1977 and continued to go in fits and spurts until he’d had installed the world’s finest pig heart, grown, cultivated, and harvested with the former vice president in mind.

“This heart will fit your body, and your body will fit this heart,” Cheney’s doctor reportedly told him, “like comfortable clothing.”

Never mind the aberrant behavior his wife and children have endured since the transplant. Like finding dad naked and rolling in a mud puddle that had formed from a heavy rain the night before. These ‘uncultured events’ only happened at random, but did not happen often Lynne Cheney has said again and again on early morning talk shows.

But, news days like this made him wonder how much longer he wanted to stay. Young people overtly socialist in their thinking. The great gains in Iraq made after illegally and inhumanely invading the nation were completely squandered while the black guy is in office.

Was the dark deal Cheney made with the elite technocrats at the highest rungs of world government operations ensuring him life extension worth it? Why be allowed to live another 100 years if you’re only surrounded by idiots?

Yet for all the drama, the ‘fun facts’ shown by Reason are actually what might be called ‘dismal peeks’ into the most brainwashed, media-reliant generation of all time (until the next generation arises). What is clear from the surveys taken is that millennials, who mostly are responsible for voting into office the likes of Barack Obama, seemed not to know the differences between a free market, capitalism, socialism, and a government managed economy.

[photo of crowd from Moses]

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