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Release the Rapist

July 29
19:42 2013

Why would a state like California release a violent prisoner into society? Even if some prison psychologists claim the prisoner is most likely rehabilitated, how sure can the general public be?

Never mind the tens of thousands of nonviolent drug offenders who are rotting away in prison,who could be safely released back into society so men who gleefully rape women or murder children can stay behind bars. But this is not the way our nation works.

Goldman Sachs and other major investors who stand to gain from packed prisons don’t want trouble. The fewer violent prisoners — rapists, gang members, murderers — the smoother the jail operation runs.Keep the weed sellers, in their orange jumpsuits, stamping license plates and doing good manufacturing labor for pennies on the dollar. It’s the best way to get work done these days. Hiring real Americans at minimum wage or above is a failing business model.

Here’s your good news for the day. Meet Christopher Evans Hubbart, who is to be released from prison (hopefully) in November:

Hubbart is believed to have raped as many as 40 women in a 10 year period, according to the release. He also admitted to raping 25 women in the Los Angeles area in the early 1970’s, according to the release, and an additional 15 in the San Francisco Bay area in the early 1980’s.

Kill the fattened the calf! Our wayward son is coming home. Except, according to reports, he has no family ties in California. Perhaps he could begin a new family with some lucky woman.

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