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The Small Revolution

The Small Revolution
May 15
18:26 2020

Perthshire, Scotland

People are frightened, but they are not frightened of the right thing.

They should be frightened by the government and its response to a crisis which was no worse than a seasonal flu.

They should be frightened of politicians who lie to them about everything.

Putting millions of healthy people under house arrest for weeks, when the government knew that sunlight makes people resistant to viruses.

Healthy people shouldn’t be stuck inside and put into a state of fear and alarm.

Right now, there are people who are so traumatized by the hysterical ravings of a tame news media, that they refuse to come back outdoors unless there is a vaccine.

As we know, a properly tested vaccine could take years to be ready for use on humans.

We already know that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are determined to vaccinate the entire planet. They are very open about their aims and objectives, plus they will be indemnified, as will governments, against any and all deaths or deformities caused by the vaccine.

Mr Gates has said that if all people on the planet are vaccinated by the Gates vaccine, there will be around 750,000 people who are likely to die from the effect of the vaccination.

This number appears to be an acceptable percentage for the vaccine programme to be given to the human population of the world.

I don’t know about you, but I find this attitude not only unacceptable, but utterly chilling. These numbers are spoken about with a strange smile playing on the lips of Mr Gates, but not transferred to his eyes.

We now know that what some of us suspected at the outset of the house arrest, was that the virus wasn’t the killer bug from the east, but was more or less a seasonal flu.

But the government and media made sure people believed that unless they did exactly what they told, they were almost certain to be infected with this deadly mystery virus.

So the majority of the public believed that they were in imminent danger of dying a horrible and lonely death in a hospital bed with fifteen inches of plastic tubing down their throat, paralysed and in an induced coma, drowning in their own fluids, without the possibility of ever seeing their families again.

Now that sounds absolutely horrible and any sane person would do anything to avoid this most horrific of deaths.

Is there any wonder people were doing everything they could to comply with the rules which were going to keep them from dying in this horrific way.

For the government, this was a huge success. Mission accomplished. But just in case anyone was thinking for themselves, they kept up the propaganda. Television and newspaper advertising was awash with information and advice on how to stay healthy.

Now, some seven or eight weeks later, the public has gradually become aware that the threat of this dreadful virus wasn’t quite as bad as they had been told.

The public is making decisions for themselves and do not need the permission of pompous politicians, to be outside.

As we now know, being in sunlight is one of the most important ways to guard against the virus, which itself isn’t what we were told about in the first place.

The original idea of staying outside but being sensible about hygiene etcetera, was ditched, and the house arrest began. This was due to flawed advice and the use of seriously out of date almost amateurish modelling, from Imperial College London.

This establishment and some of the government experts are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The very people advising the government were getting millions of pounds from an organisation which is developing a vaccine, or perhaps already has a vaccine, for this particular coronavirus.

Is this beginning to look just a wee bit suspicious?

I think it is, and many other people are starting to say the same thing.

When this whole thing began to unfold, it never felt like a genuine crisis. Things didn’t add up for a lot of people. There was a feeling of artifice about the way it was so neatly packaged.

The government had legislation written within days. This always felt like it had been prepared in advance. No one in charge looked as if they were under pressure, except for the Prime Minister, who looked as if he was having a nervous breakdown. He definitely thought the threat was real.

The rest of the politicians and “experts” looked like they were reading from scripts which had been written for an exercise.

But that’s exactly what they were doing. They knew the “danger” didn’t exist in the form they were telling us about.

So they said what they had been given to say.

Now all kinds of facts are appearing in the public domain, showing that we were lied to by the government and the media.

Already the propaganda is strongly hinting about a second wave of the virus will be here in the autumn. This is quite strange, because on one hand we hear that the “virus” we presently have could be with us for months, but on the other hand, we are being told it will return in October.

The same “virus” can’t be here and come back if it isn’t going away. That’s just stupid.

So why would October be a good time for the return of something which hasn’t gone away?

Yes, the beginning of the next flu season. But hedged with, it could be measles.

Doctor Anthony Fauci, who advises the government in the USA, told us that the world would have to deal with a surprise virus pandemic this year.

A surprise which he knew about and when it would happen? So no surprise to him. None of this happens by accident.

Fauci is part of the problem, along with the World Health Organisation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Imagine the money which will be made for a vaccine for something which doesn’t exist?

But it will kill around 750,000 people if people are vaccinated, which according to Bill Gates, is a pretty low percentage of the 7,000,000,000 people being injected with some unknown concoction.

So as usual, the twin aims are more money for the already rich and more power to the already powerful. Or in most cases, one and the same.

Where does that leave us, the lowly people on the street?

Well, we can sit back and let the powerful run our lives ever more completely, or we stand up to global vaccination programmes and refuse to be ruled by a multi-billionaire and his web of corporate corruption.

Many people have died unnecessarily due to the actions of politicians. They and their families deserve to know what really happened.

We might, in the long run lose the battle, but we can’t allow ourselves to go down without trying.

Viva the small revolution!

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

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