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Shocks and Schnooks

Shocks and Schnooks
December 14
06:43 2019

Perthshire, Scotland

At one minute after 10.00pm, the news channels broadcast the exit polls from the election.

Exit polls are notoriously unreliable, and this one shows a huge majority in Parliament for the Conservative Party under Boris Johnson.

This looks like the Labour Party vote has collapsed completely due to the utter hopelessness of the leadership. The UK has never voted in a rabid left wing government.

The exit poll was extremely accurate.

In what was the clear light of day, the sheer destruction of the Labour Party is seen. Not just also rans, but really, never rans.

I suspected they would be struggling to get support in what used to be, only two years ago, staunch Labour Party constituencies. This turned out to be exactly what happened.

Once the Blyth Valley result was announced and Labour were beaten by the Conservatives, the die was cast. Other constituencies fell like dominoes as their hopes faded faster than a cheap shirt in a hot wash.

This was the revenge of the people against their politician’s lies and non representation of their votes in the EU referendum.

The politicians were, due to their behaviour after the EU referendum, shown to be utterly selfish and didn’t care about their constituents opinions or democratic votes.

This was havoc on a grand scale!

While this destruction was going on, here in Scotland we saw the SNP gain 13 seats and start the whole, “the people of Scotland demand a second independence referendum” nonsense again.

All the “This election isn’t about independence, it’s about stopping Brexit” talk, was just that, talk.

We all know that everything to do with the SNP is about independence, and true to form, minutes after the result of the election was in, there was Sturgeon demanding that Boris Johnson had to allow her to call her independence referendum.

Sturgeon never asks for anything. She demands. It’s almost as if she thinks she is important. She is nothing more than a glorified councillor, heading a regional assembly.

But her supporters treat every word which comes through her thin lips, as if they have come directly from God. Which shows they are as stupid as they look.

I would have preferred to see a few losses for the SNP, but we are where we are and the SNP will be the architects of their own downfall.

History will not be kind to this Stalinist regime.

The one good thing coming from the election, is that there is no doubt about the Brexit question. The working majority will enable the new Johnson government to press ahead with the next stage of the discussions with the EU.

We now have clarity on the way forward.

This morning, the usual politicians were being interviewed for their views on why they were successful or had failed miserably. One of the first was, John McDonnell, second in command to Jeremy Corbyn.

His view/excuse for the electoral disaster, was that this had been “the wrong kind of election”! I almost swallowed my own head when he said that.

That doesn’t even make sense. But having listened to this windbag for the last few years, I’m not entirely surprised. Nothing he or Corbyn said in the election campaign made the slightest bit of sense.

Just promising to spend more than everyone else and then quadrupling the total, just in case, was a recipe for incredulity. No one believed any of the spending pledges were possible, not even their most avid supporters.

There was also the spectre of the antisemitism in the left of the Labour Party. Time and time again, Corbyn was asked to apologise for this, but he either wouldn’t or couldn’t. This was an utterly stupid position to take and he reaped what others had sown.

In the midst of the mayhem, Jo Swinson, leader of Liberal Democrats, lost her seat to the SNP.

The news of this is moment reaching Nicola Sturgeon, was captured on video, showing the SNP fuhrer screaming with delight with fists pumping aggressively.

Very seriously unpleasant to watch, this showed the real Sturgeon’s vindictive glee at a fellow remainer and female national political party leader losing. This was a moment where had she had a vestige of class, she would have kept her delight to herself.

As it was, she looked like a wee gadgie, gloating at the opposition football team captain, being sent off, in a cup final.

The Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party both need new leaders, but although Corbyn has said he will stand down, he won’t do that before a new leader is elected. Which is a bit pathetic and makes him look more desperate, hanging onto “power” by his fingernails until the last possible moment.

From what I have seen since the last results of the election have been called, it looks like the Labour Party and the SNP are in denial of reality.

But of course, that’s par for the course for the socialist types.

They are still talking about stopping the UK leaving the EU, which obviously will not be possible, but their core support believe whatever they are told by the leadership.

Hopefully the UK will be able to move on from the chaos of the last few years and begin to find more common ground rather than division.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Boris Johnson header photo courtesy of David Sedlecký; Wikimedia Commons]


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