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Will Independence Mean Positive Change for Scotland? Not a Chance!

Will Independence Mean Positive Change for Scotland? Not a Chance!
April 24
15:53 2014

Perthshire, Scotland

So don’t for a minute imagine that this all new singing and dancing Scotland will be a lesson to the world on how to run a country. The truth will be that very little will change and our lives will neither be enhanced to heavenly status or driven down to a freezing nuclear wasteland.

Eyes bulging, face round and dripping with sweat, the glorious leader addressed his adoring devotees.

They were held in rapture by his promise of a new utopian Scotland, standing head and shoulders above all other societies.
This was Scotland showing how a proper country should be run. A vision of green fields, green energy and a world green with envy at the shining perfection of a Salmondist idyll.

No mention of what will happen to our currency if we can’t keep the pound.

No mention of any contentious points at all. Just saying as usual, that if you believe anything uttered by the Better Together or No campaign, you are a traitor to this cause and should either be “retrained” or cast out into eternal darkness, or England, as the Yes campaign likes to say!

Also nothing said about the forty plus food banks which have sprung up in the last few years. I expect if they were commented upon, they wouldn’t take any responsibility for this disgraceful situation in such an enlightened society!

This was the Scottish National Party spring conference in Aberdeen. A city where the recession hardly had an effect.  An affirmation of the genius of the always modest Mr Salmond. The delegates and other party members in the audience were all confirmed Salmondites. Nothing he could say would be questioned.

He allowed his deputy, wee Nicola Sturgeon, to make her speech an homage to his vision of a new Scotland. She duly praised all the great leader’s visions. A Scotland where isms of all kinds would vanish like snow off a dyke, the moment they got a majority in the referendum.

No more sexism! No more racism! No more ageism! A gleaming symbol of how a small independent country should be governed. A country which would be fair for all citizens. No one would be left behind in this golden Salmondist vision. The young educated to the hilt. The old looked after in cosy well run institutions. A health service second to none. Wall to wall nurses and doctors. No one left dying in their own faeces and urine.

One wonders why that isn’t happening right now! It will be the same people running the country!

This is obviously bollocks.

In the opposing camp, the man with the charisma of a rock on a wet day, was stirring his tea. He stirs tea very well.  Alistair Darling, ex Chancellor of the Exchequer for Gordon Brown’s government, was in a quandary. How to get the No campaign looking positive without using the word yes!



This was always going to be the biggest problem for what was called, “The Better Together” campaign. They had allowed the media and more crucially, the Yes campaign, to call them negative. Better Together sounds much more user friendly than the stark No!

Both sides’ PR is led by men with the christian name Blair. I can only thank god that my parents didn’t do the same! I have no idea of the surnames of this pair of Blairs. Both being equally bland and boring to the point of sleep! It’s drone drone drone. They have blandness down to a fine art!

According to the newspapers and TV news channels, the gap between the campaigns is closing, with the Yes campaign gaining ground. This is primarily because the No campaign are such a bunch of grey miserable suits! It’s all “doom and gloom” from them. Nothing positive to say about anything.

I believe there should be two Yes campaigns. A Yes minus and a Yes plus. One for independence and one for staying within the UK. This would make the whole thing much more entertaining for the public.

All the posters saying Yes. Then it would be up to the public to actually read about which Yes is the one they should support.

As I said earlier, the opinion polls are indicating a narrowing of the gap between independence and the union. This is partly due to one of the dullest political campaigns in the history of dull campaigns. Also partly due to the Nationalists saying anything that will get a yes vote. I think the Scottish electorate are clever enough to see through the miasma of bullshit and make a reasoned decision before casting their vote in September.

Then again, the very same electorate have for years blindly voted to have a huge majority or Labour Members of Parliament returned to Westminster despite the obvious uselessness and cronyism of these chancers. Bad as that is, the general consensus is that Members of the Scottish Parliament are worse than second rate. They are, on the whole, rejected local council politicians and sons and daughters of already elected officials.

Nepotism is rife here. Wives, girlfriends, even the family cat are appointed to work for our representatives. There’s no shame in the way expenses are sucked up by entire families!


Yes+ Yes-

I expect, that if a Yes vote is returned after the referendum, all this will stop. In the New Scotland there will be no place for this ism! All will be above board and transparent, giving us the public a clear view of our elected representatives diligently working away on our behalf.

The vision of a completely different and tolerant country is being dangled in front of us. All we have to do is grasp this opportunity and a heaven on earth will be ours.

This suggests that the country in which we currently reside, and governed by a majority Scottish National Party, is a shithole of bigotry and hatred, populated with racist and violent thugs, hell bent on making the lives of many unbearable. Surely this can’t be right!

The No campaign are telling us almost exactly the opposite. Which isn’t a huge surprise, as it’s their job to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom. They paint a picture close to a nuclear winter. Starving children wandering the cold wet streets, violently accosting all who cross their path! Mass unemployment looms. Roads and rail grind to a halt due to the hubris and general uselessness of an SNP led independent Scotland.

“There will be no turning back” the No campaign proclaim from some cosy tv studio.

Once again this brings us back to what we have at the moment. If an independent Scotland under an SNP government will reduce the country to a bleak post apocalyptic disaster area, surely this would be happening already?

Sometimes the truth is kept hidden because it would show that we aren’t going to be some super shiny country, boldly going where no country has gone before or the almost nuclear wasteland predicted by the other side of the debate.

The truth will be that very little will change and our lives will neither be enhanced to heavenly status or driven down to a freezing nuclear wasteland.

Knowing politicians as I do, as long as they’re all filling their own pockets at the expense of the citizens, nothing will ever change to any great extent. Politicians always proclaim change but in reality, they are scared shitless of any change which affects them.

Openness and transparency are anathema to them! Keep all the fiddles and lies under wraps because the public wouldn’t understand how the system worked. They don’t think the public have a right to see them as they really are.

So don’t for a minute imagine that this all new singing and dancing Scotland will be a lesson to the world on how to run a country. This will be more of the same but we will know even less about what’s happening in government.

Change? Not a chance!


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Michael J Blair contributes to DDA from time to time, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[SNP Alex Salmond high-fiving by Mike Pennington; Alistair Darling photo by Antonio Cruz/ABr]

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