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The HS2 Fiasco: Just the Tip of an Iceberg of Corruption

The HS2 Fiasco: Just the Tip of an Iceberg of Corruption
July 23
21:53 2017

Perthshire, Scotland 

Politicians are, by nature, self-obsessed. But from what I’ve seen over the last few years, they lack even a modicum of self-awareness.

We, looking from the outside, can see exactly how completely out of touch these people are from reality. The preening pompous statements, lacking any empathy for anyone except themselves.

Humility is not a word with which these puffed-up prats have any familiarity. They are so consumed by naked ambition and the need to let everyone know what they do and where they work, that nothing else is of any importance.

When they are climbing the greasy political pole to become a member of parliament, they will talk to anyone. Shake hands with cats. Tear small children from their mother’s arms for a photo opportunity, and generally make themselves look like idiots.

Even at this point, they still cannot see how this makes them look to the public. Well, at least some of the public.

Some people still think politicians are something special, but they are few and far between.

If we think the average low grade politician is a pompous twat, this fades away in comparison with the leaders of parties and those who sit in power.

Their connection with reality has long gone. They live in the rarefied atmosphere at the top of the tree of idiots.

The very thin air up there makes them believe they know more than anyone else and also know what is good for us. It’s presumed that we are all non-thinking, dumbed down morons.

I accept that they are probably correct about some people, but as time goes on, more are wakening up to the madness of politicians and their masters.

We see the respect in which politicians were held at one time, eroded to the point where there is no respect whatsoever.

We see most of them as an irrelevance and a hindrance to progress. All the favours given to businesses run by their friends, stops projects from starting on time and costing at least three times the estimated price.

This is being highlighted in the farce which is HS2. A vast useless rail project which will take thirty years to complete and will be obsolete by then. Maintenance costs will be astronomical, which is really what this is all about. Money for friends of the people making the decisions. Jobs for retired politicians who made these ridiculous decisions.

The disruption to the existing rail network and stations, especially in London, will hinder travel and business.

This of course means nothing to the political classes. As long as they are gaining from these bad decisions, nothing else matters.

Homes destroyed. Villages cut in two. The landscape scarred for ever. No concern shown by anyone who will gain financially.

There are far better alternative forms of transport systems, which are much more affordable and faster to build, cheaper to maintain and make sure there is minimal damage to landscape and homes.

HS2 is a white elephant of gigantic proportions, which will eat money like a politician swilling red wine at a free bar!

Once again, we the public will be treated with contempt by people who aren’t fit to tie our shoe laces.

The HS2 fiasco is just the tip of an enormous iceberg of corruption, which will soon be seen for what it is.

Vast amounts of money for something which will be useless, but nothing for the homeless and the desperate.

But beware politicians. This is going to stop!

We have seen through your smokescreen of political bullshit and are coming after you, to expose your lies and deceit!

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo from inside high speed rail, courtesy of mattbuck; Wikimedia Commons]


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