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Mainstream Media Normalizing Society to Google Glass & Coming Technology

Mainstream Media Normalizing Society to Google Glass & Coming Technology
February 26
06:01 2014

Google Glass is being written about in the nation’s major newspapers constantly. It’s a push to normalize this technology and get us all adapted as quickly as possible. If you don’t support new, invasive technology, you’re intolerant. That is the message if this latest news article:

The woman attacked in a San Francisco bar for wearing Google Glass said she won’t be intimidated into taking off the Internet-connected glasses.

“I don’t want people to see me without Google Glass now,” Sarah Slocum said in an interview. “Now that people know that this happened to me, I don’t want them to think I am afraid to wear it. I don’t want the people who verbally and physically attacked me and wronged me to have that.”

Slocum had a bar rag thrown at her by two women who reacted angrily after they thought she was possibly taking video of them with her tech glasses. According to Slocum, a man then ran up and pulled the glasses off her face. She was able to retrieve them again.

In a nation where police have beaten or arrested innocent bystanders for taking video of routine arrests, a stupid altercation in a trendies bar wouldn’t normally make the LA Times, but it seems like we’re supposed to get acclimated to this coming technology. Those who persist with extending our merger with the devices that keep us plugged into the Matrix are supposed to be seen as heroes.

There have been more news stories about folks trying to drive while wearing the Google device. Google Glass is currently lobbying to stop legislation against driving while wearing the device. If you don’t like that, you will soon be seen as intolerant and not in support of the role of high technology in society. You’ll be hindering progress if you have a problem with people wearing their smartphones around their heads, so they can be plugged in every second they are awake.

Only a careless society would allow people to drive with these goofball glasses. Police cannot easily tell if the device is turned on, and if it is, it’s an obvious danger to other drivers around the Googlehead who’s behind the wheel. I say pull them all over. Let them tape their interaction with the officer from their Glass. That’s the best first-person perspective we can get.

(Of course, Google Glass will revolutionize porn. That’s been discussed ad nauseum.)

This constant mainstream attention given to Google Glass is a push to normalize this technology so the US corporate / government establishments can get everybody invested in these glasses, and eventually in the smart contact lenses, and eventually in an injected device that will always be active within your body.Listen to Ray Kurzweil speak about it:

This is a wet dream for everybody in power. For tracking and collecting a constant flow of information for the NSA, for corporations and global businesses who want to smartly advertise to you, and for finally eliminating the last vestiges of freedom and privacy from our lives. The more we merge with technology, the more we tie ourselves to the Machine, and the less in control we are.

People should have the right to wear these glasses without getting ridiculed or assaulted. That should be understood. But we should be wary, as a society concerned with individual privacy, where this technology is leading us.

Most of our faces have already been officially scanned by Facebook, through its revolutionary tagging technology, and that will be merged with Google Glass and all subsequent devices to allow anybody to know who each face they meet on the street belongs to, and what their public profile says about them.

“Oh hey, that’s Julie Barnes walking toward me,” you might think to yourself as your Google Glass NameTag application puts a yellow square around her head and narrows in on her subtle facial structure. As her profile pops up, you then might think, “Look at those photos. What a slut!”

“Hey, Juuuuuulie!” you call to her, because this is someone you want to meet.

“Who the fuck are you?” she says back through tightened lips.

“Like you don’t know!” you say back. But you see she’s not wearing glasses. So she really doesn’t know. She’s one of those Luddites who is anti-technology, anti-progress. She thinks technology is putting people out of work and dehumanizing civilization. There are growing numbers of people who think like her. I’ve seen a documentary on these people. She’s nuts.

Do we want our society to be this way? Some people do, but it should not move this direction without a long term, healthy debate. But that’s not going to happen. Those of us who are intolerant hacks won’t be able to stop this. The technology will grow exponentially as it has, but it’s going to get real strange, real fast.

It’s Google Glass today. It’s smart contact lenses tomorrow. It’s implanted nanotechnology the size of blood cells after that. Technology that merges with your five senses and is thought-activated. We’re not living in 1999 any longer. It’s 2014 and it’s time to wake up to the science fiction that’s here and will be happening.

There will be miraculous events so unbelievable many will attribute them to something divine. The beginning of this is: Man merging with machine. Designer babies. Eyes in the sky. Robot armies invading enemy lands. Cyborg police forces. Concerts put on by holograms of famous, dead performers to woo the masses. Imagine experiencing Elvis’ hips and Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar on fire. Meanwhile, five years later, a fake alien invasion rallies humanity around its world leaders, who will put up a glorious fight to repel the off-planet invaders.

Unprecedented deception and unimaginable levels of control are possible.

Google Glass scuffle, ‘You wannabe, one-eyed Antichrist’

[Google Glass in Vogue photo shoot — it’s so trendy! — from Leaflet from Wikimedia Commons]

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    Will February 27, 14:08

    Yea but the Google Glasses will match my smart watch.

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