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9/11 & the Downfall of a Giant

9/11 & the Downfall of a Giant
August 16
13:40 2018

Perthshire, Scotland

We all remember where we were when the “hijacked” planes hit the Twin Towers in New York city.

But do we remember what the planet was like back in 2001?

As time goes on, our memories fade and we forget how we lived at the time.

I believe our lives had more certainty, the Cold War was a distant memory, and although the Middle East was still a a dangerous place, the most worrying countries were under the heel of strong dictatorships.

The first Gulf War had dampened much of the fire from Iraq and Iran and there were hopes of a more peaceful area.

Libya, under Gaddafi, couldn’t make up its mind if it wanted more contact with the west or not, but after the Lockerbie terrorist attack and the subsequent air strikes by the USA on the country, Gaddafi seemed far less dangerous.

The banks hadn’t imploded, house prices were rising, and unemployment was at a reasonable level.

How were we to know, that in a few minutes, our world would be changed forever?

There has been plenty of dreadful atrocities committed prior to 9/11, but none were done with the express purpose of destabilising the entire planet. This was of a magnitude beyond our imagination.

I would say it was on a par with the 2nd World War, for the change it brought to so many countries. The fall out from 9/11 has seen millions of people die needlessly from regional wars, starvation, and flight from conflict.

This may look like something which happened organically due to the constantly changing tide of war, but in reality, this has been engineered in a process going back decades.

Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy tried to warn us about the military/industrial complex, but the former was out of office and the latter was assassinated before he could dismantle the tentacles of government involved in the bid for a constant series of regional wars and other conflicts, which have disfigured the planet and led to millions of people dying needlessly.

The people behind this vile money making plan think they are infallible and far seeing, but in fact they are the most shortsighted people ever to breathe oxygen.

They don’t understand that this planet is a tiny dot in the black vastness of space. It is of significance to no beings except the ones who inhabit it.

They only think about themselves and the profits they make from death and destruction.

Back in 1999, the big scare story, the first of many, was the turn of the century. “The millennium bug”, which we were told couldn’t understand the year 2000, was used to make vast profits for a variety of companies.

Sales of bottled water went through the roof. People had bunkers built under their homes in case of nuclear meltdown due to the world’s finest computer hardware not being able to cope with a new date.

I was in Los Angeles in 1999, and the fear was at fever pitch. My then sister in law had her double garage filled with huge bottles of water and hundreds of tins of food of all kinds. She had been convinced, as had millions of other people, by the media and government, that planes would drop out of the sky, nuclear power plants would explode, and the world as we knew it, would be gone.

I wasn’t convinced.

In Britain, the same but slightly less hysterical message was being pushed as fact. We tend to be more realistic and stoic in the face of adversity, but some people were genuinely scared, which was the reaction the authorities were aiming to achieve.

My ex-wife had the attic filled with dry goods and bottled water, emulating her sister in Los Angeles.

I just couldn’t take this threat seriously, because scaring people is what governments like to do.

I mean, how was it possible for the greatest computer brains on the planet to not have made provision for this event. It’s not as if the year 2000 wasn’t going to happen.

Strangely, we’re still here and still falling for government lies and press scare stories.

Another advent of 2000 was the inauguration of President George W Bush.

This seemingly less than a genius Texan was being rightly feared by the more left facing members of society who were concerned about the prospect of his presidency regarding conflict in the Middle East.

He was backed by the Republican establishment and his Vice President was the unbalanced Dick Cheney, a friend and colleague of the previous President George H W Bush, G W’s father.

His Defence Secretary was Donald Rumsfeld, another hawkish colleague of of his father’s.

This trio of loons were to prove very much more dangerous than any “millennium bug!”

We have to remember that in Britain, we had a Labour government, or New Labour as it had been dubbed by Tony Blair and his propaganda team. Elected in 1997, by 2000 there was a feeling that this was Conservative lite, and not really a party of the less able in society.

Blair was an ambitious, slimy snake oil salesman who would sell his soul for the highest price offered.

His wife, Cheri, was the daughter of a well-known Liverpool actor, Tony Booth, who disliked his son in law with a passion.

To him, Blair was far removed from the origins of the Labour Party he grew up with, and not to be trusted.

So now we have a leader in the UK who doesn’t represent his core support, and a leader in the USA who most definitely represents his core support, very rich business people. They seemed to be quite different and it was hard to see how they would find common ground.

If only we had had the gift of foresight, we might have seen a different outcome, or perhaps not.

Our world was shaken to the core by the events of the 11th of September, 2001. It has never been the same and never will be.

Countries have been reduced to rubble and abject poverty. Millions of people are still displaced.

The inaptly named Arab Spring was once again a deliberately staged destabilising action across the region, giving hope to the oppressed, but snatching it away and replacing it with more death and destruction.

We have to consider the possibility that this displacement of people from the Middle East and North Africa was done deliberately to destabilise Europe and effectively destroy the EU. I’m just not sure which side has most to gain from this catastrophe.

Many southern European countries are either bankrupt or on the verge of financial collapse. Of course that EU cannot allow countries to fail, otherwise they will find the whole edifice collapsing around their fat arses.

How anyone can still have respect for politicians is a complete mystery to me. I can only put it down to selective amnesia or utterly misplaced optimism.

As is always the case, the worst of them got away from this horror without being brought to justice. They made vast fortunes at the expense of the deaths of millions of people who had no choice in life or in the end, in death.

I cannot properly express my feelings of disgust and detestation at what happened in the wake of the 9/11 atrocity, and the thought that it itself was deliberately staged by elements of the government in the USA.

If it was, it was for nothing more than the greed for money and power.

We have been left with a broken planet and America being reduced in places to look like a third world country, by the election of Donald Trump.

An event which could not have happened if 9/11 had never taken place.

Trump is the product of the events set in motion in 2001 and the USA has no one else to blame but itself.

By that, I don’t mean the people. I mean the establishment. They have allowed this new horror to emerge and are complicit in the process and the fallout.

Of course, the super rich of the establishment think they are untouchable as far as poverty is concerned, but they will one day look out of their penthouse windows and see the mobs approaching, looking for revenge for reducing their lives to unending grinding poverty.

This day of reckoning will not be far away unless there are huge changes in society.

Changes which I don’t believe can happen.

That noise you hear is the approaching mob…….

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo of World Trade Centers in fog courtesy of Beija; Wikimedia Commons]


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