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Fear of the Fear of Fear!

Fear of the Fear of Fear!
December 08
13:26 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

Should we be afraid? If so, of whom or what should we be afraid?

Today, the fear factor was ramped up a few more notches by the head of MI6.

fear_one_false_moveIn a rare interview, Alex Younger, also known as “C”, said Britain was in danger of having its sovereignty undermined and subverted by states such as Russia. This is apparently going to be done via cyber attacks, now termed “hybrid warfare”.

There would be propaganda used to change the results of elections, with France and Germany being the next targets. Without more detail, it’s quite difficult to believe these claims.

He also said that the recent US Presidential election in November had been targeted by Russia. I’m just not sure in which way. That wasn’t made clear.

One way to stop cyber attacks in elections, is not to use electronic voting. Not difficult. A piece of paper and a pencil. Nothing on the ballot paper except the names of the two candidates. No other votes on that day. Proper supervision. Simple!

So now we are being made softened up for even more unpleasant laws, with which to keep us “safe!” We are already the one of the most “spied upon” countries in the world, with CCTV cameras watching our every move. Our website use and telephone calls can now be viewed by a myriad of different government departments, police and local councils.

Seriously, there is no need for more surveillance!

Russia was also being blamed for the Syrian conflict, which if I remember correctly, didn’t really become actively involved until around a year ago.

Alex Younger also said the threat to the UK wouldn’t go away until the civil war was settled in a manner which was suitable to the west’s expectations. So, as soon as this hellish mess is finally over and Syria is a complete wasteland, we will be able to sleep soundly in our beds without the fear of attack by extremists?

That has to be the maddest statement ever to come out of the most senior person in British Intelligence. I don’t remember the Syrian conflict being around when the London underground was bombed! There was no war in Syria when draconian anti-terror laws were passed, by half asleep politicians, who hadn’t the backbone to stand up to the government and ask questions.

The Syrian conflict cannot be blamed for the entire terrorist threat!

This statement from “C” as he is known, is so wrong and downright dishonest, it’s hard to believe. Don’t these people realise we aren’t all gullible fools, who watch Jeremy Kyle on daytime television, eating our weight in Pringles and drinking gallons of diet cola?

Some of us have some intelligence and even the memory capacity to see this claim as bogus.

Amid the tirade against Russia using cyber attacks etcetera to basically take over the government of the United Kingdom, there wasn’t any mention of what the UK secret service was doing in defence of an attack against Russia and its allies.

I can’t imagine “C” is just sitting twiddling his thumbs or attempting to figure out what to have for lunch, while these enemies of democracy are launching waves of attacks on this country. There must be retaliation going on, but of course, that was never mentioned.

So, we are apparently hapless victims of despotic regimes who wish to control the British government, while MI6 just stares out of the window? I don’t think so!

How exactly would Russia subvert a UK General Election? Steal all the polling station pencils? Replace them with magic wands? Tell people to vote for their preferred candidates? Unbelievable nonsense!

Again and again, we are told of imminent threats and plots against the country. Did they think we were getting too bold? Was this the reason for this extraordinary statement? Since the London underground bombing, there have apparently been thirteen major terror plots foiled by the vigilance of the security services.

This seems to be a very small number, considering how often we are on some kind of “red alert” threat. I would have thought that by the laws of probability, there would have been at least one more successful attack. None of it really adds up.

The London underground attack came at a time when the government was trying to convince us there was an imminent threat of a Twin Towers type of attack on the country. 7/7 as it was called, was a gift to the then Labour government and it’s insane Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Instantly, laws were passed, which would never have been passed without the bombing outrage!

Come to your own conclusions.

Back at the “fear factory”, MI6 is busy keeping us in a state of uncertainty about the future. The future of democracy itself is at stake! Really? If you want to sow the seeds of fear, the threat should at least stand up to scrutiny. This nonsense is not going to make anyone with a brain fearful. In fact, it should have the opposite effect.

The powers that be, must be getting desperate, if this is the best they can come up with!

Are they slowly realising that we are not going quietly into the night? That we have their measure?

I don’t really know, but I sense a change in the air. Fear of the fear of fear, isn’t going to work anymore.

Think for yourselves. Question everything!

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[One false move campaign, fear slogan, from British government campaign 90s; Syrian hacker art courtesy of Andersson18824, both images from Wikimedia Commons]


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