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The Identical Political Aims of Left & Right

The Identical Political Aims of Left & Right
November 23
13:58 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

I sometimes wonder why the mainstream media ignores the more than obvious similarities between the opposite ends of the political spectrum.

As we know, the aim of all extremists is complete control of the population of whichever poor benighted country they have chosen to take over. These people begin by appealing to the section of the population they can manipulate most easily.

In most cases, it’s the type which feel downtrodden and ignored by the mainstream politicians and establishment. They are ripe for change. Ready to be used as canon fodder or, in more “civilised” countries, vote fodder!

The recent presidential campaign has been a classic example of this type of manipulation. First, make outlandish claims against all minorities. Second, keep making the claims, but make them even more unpleasant. Third, target your preferred audience. And keep up the pressure on the minorities.

This has the effect of making your audience hate the minorities more than they already did. It also gives the hate a legitimacy it didn’t have before. Once this head of steam has been achieved, there is a strong base with which to move forward.

This momentum can be kept going by regularly telling your supporters that their path to full time work and prosperity, is blocked by immigrants, both legal and illegal. This is generally completely untrue, but it allows the supporters to feel united in a “just cause.”

In the rise of any dictatorship, there has to be a common enemy to be used by a charismatic leader. That enemy must be feared. Whether it was the Jewish in Hitler’s Germany, or immigrants from the middle east, they are used to represent a threat to the fabric and security of the country.

This leader must be able to make rousing speeches, telling the crowds that his way is the only way forward, and anyone with a different opinion, is a traitor to the cause and can be dealt with by his supporters, in any way they see fit. Implying violence would not be frowned upon!

The next step is having the forces of law and order on the side of the political aims of this gathering movement. Luckily for the aspiring dictator, some police officers are easily influenced by being flattered as saviours of decent society. It’s not their fault if someone who looks or sounds different to them gets shot trying to give themselves up.

The point is made that they, the police, are the people under threat from this tide of these evil incomers from some unpronounceable far away countries, not the other way round. Racism is a way of splitting the country and allowing the supporters of the dictator more space in which to spread the word of his greatness and infallibility and the fear of anything he tells them to fear!

The speeches will become more insane, sounding to most people like lunatic raving, but that’s the point. There will always be one major media outlet which will repeat this person’s lunatic utterings. Once again legitimising the madness!

The average person thinks, “this madman will never be voted into office!” “No decent person will ever vote for them!” That is what the dictator wants people to think. Lull them into complacency. They think everyone is like them, so if they don’t vote, their like-minded friends will, and everything will be back to normal again.

When this falls into place, the game is won. The dictator’s supporters are fervent and loyal to this idea of a better future and enjoying their country being made great once again! They are not complacent. They are energised by the rhetoric of the dictator. They are going to show the lazy liberal established politicians and people who’s going to be calling the shots, literally, for the foreseeable future.

Once the dictator is elected by democratic means, the plan can be put into action. Despite amazement and horror of the election result, it has been a legal take over of a country, virtually without a shot being fired.

All kind of soothing words from the winner are heard. “I’m not against any section of society.” “I want the country to unite and make it great.” “There is nothing to fear from my leadership!”

This is designed to keep the opposition thinking all just might be alright after all.

The only other task is to get the authorities and media to back the new leader. The authorities will always fall into line with the majority, regardless of reason or common sense. They are idiots and gullible fools!

The media for the most part will be hostile, except his chosen mouthpiece, but smooth words of flattery will keep them onside, and if that isn’t totally successful, bullying tactics will commence!

This scenario has worked, with a few minor differences for as long as dictatorships have existed. Obviously the media aspect is different in this day and age, but the principles are the same.

Stalin and a number of Soviet leaders. Hitler of course. Mussolini in Italy. Pol Pot in Cambodia. And many others across the African continent. The methods were sometimes much more bloody, but the end result has been one man in control, surrounded by arse licking yes men!

So, far right and far left have the same agenda…control the population by fear and the threat of mob violence. And what’s worse now, is control by electronic surveillance.

Be aware. Be careful. Be vigilant.

And above all, think independently!

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Newspaper with boot artist Blaikley, Ernest, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, in public domain]


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