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Opposites Detract: How the Truth Gets Twisted

Opposites Detract: How the Truth Gets Twisted
October 29
19:28 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

It is something which has always fascinated me. How two rational people can look at and hear exactly the same thing at the same time, and have polar opposite opinions on what has transpired.

This is evident in sport, where depending on allegiances, where a contentious issue is either seen as a dreadful decision or as a perfectly good piece of play!

We also see this in a court of law. Two witnesses who have seen the same incident at the same time, have completely different versions of events. Of course this also depends on whether one of the witnesses is for the prosecution or the defence. But essentially, they saw the same thing.

It’s just how the truth gets twisted.

Leaping into politics, we have the spectacle of the two party system at work and at each other’s throats.

If we take a speech by Donald Trump, which is full of what some people would say is childish spite and animosity toward anyone who isn’t in his own image. But seen and heard by people who might share his opinions, it’s a powerful speech, putting America first and stopping immigrants from either getting to the Land of the Free and “stealing” American jobs, or stopping them from coming to the Land of the Free in the first place.

Same words, two completely different meanings by the pro and the con.

Of course, people will always have different views on the same subjects because of tribal loyalty, especially in sport and politics. But where do we see wrong taking over from right and vice versa? And, who decides what is right and what is wrong?

In law, we have judges and juries to decide such life changing events, but in politics there are no boundaries set as to how far lying should go. If  politicians acted in court as they do on the campaign trail, in television studios etcetera, they would be charged with perjury and probably contempt of court!

Although I have seen in recent years a few politicians attempt to do in the witness box as they have been doing in politics, which is flat out lying, and have been imprisoned for their arrogance. And if they had told the truth in the first place, the worst outcome would have been a fine and possibly a short driving ban.

But the politician’s natural stance is to lie, because for decades, they have lied to each other without flinching and worst of all, looked like public in the eye and lied and lied about absolutely everything!

I notice  there is now a realisation by some people, that they have had enough of the blatantly false words which fall like walrus’ saliva from their thin hard lips. The lying culture could be coming back to bite some very well padded arses in the near future.

No other profession, except perhaps real estate salesman, has such lying been publicly accepted! We say “it must be a lie, it was said by a politician.” This is not acceptable any more. We must educate people not to blindly follow these lying machines. Tribal loyalty has to be ditched and independent thinking adopted.

It’s not that people hear and see the same thing in two different ways. It’s the old tribal loyalty at work. We hear and see what we want to hear and see, and the rest we dismiss without even knowing it has happened.

It’s the same with political lying. We don’t believe the “bad” politician’s lies, but we believe the “good” politician’s lies.

Realise one thing and one thing only.

They are all lying. It’s all these people ever do!

They have lost all capacity to tell us the truth. They cannot even tell the truth in a court of law! The law’s of which, they debate and pass on us!

The stinking hypocrisy of these subhuman creatures fair boggles the mind!

If you think I’m using too many exclamation marks, it’s because I’m angry at lying politicians and I’m angry at the public, who have allowed this disgusting behaviour to flourish without giving a toss!

If politicians don’t address this abhorrent trait of being totally unable to tell the truth about the most innocuous of events, how the hell can we be expected to believe them about something important?

We have been too impressed by the power of politicians for far too long. This head in the sand attitude has to change, and change soon. Unless it does, we will find all politicians an irrelevance, and find other ways of getting on with our lives.

These self important deluded idiots actually believe government is their possession.

The government is the possession of the people. We have the power to cut off the supply of votes to them.

Governments run perfectly well without politicians interfering to grandstand and make laws which are, in general, unworkable and useless, other than to make our lives worse.

To get their fat arses into government or at least, parliament, Congress or the Senate, is the first step on the way to an overflowing gravy train and a lifetime of smug superiority!

This utter contempt for the public is going to have to stop. We have no respect for the greasy, scum sucking parasites, and it’s time for them to change or make way for people who aren’t trying to line their own pockets!

I’m no revolutionary. I’m just completely sickened by the childish antics of people who would wield the power of life or death over the rest of humanity.

This has to stop before the real problems begin. The forces of darkness are prowling around the perimeter of democracy and the walls are becoming increasingly insecure!

Happy Halloween 🎃
*don’t get me started on this nonsense either* Grrrrrrr

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

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  1. Ashley
    Ashley October 30, 01:59

    Wonderful article

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  2. Titus Andronicus
    Titus Andronicus October 30, 04:32

    How true, sadly, although I do think Jeremy Corbyn is the exception that proves the rule.

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  3. Titus Andronicus
    Titus Andronicus October 30, 04:34

    Unfortunately this is very true.
    But, I believe that Jeremy Corbyn isthe exception that proves the rule .

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