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A Cashless & Morality Free Society?

A Cashless & Morality Free Society?
June 02
18:14 2018

Perthshire, Scotland 

As I tapped my debit card on the electronic reader, I suddenly realized we could actually go through our lives from now without using old fashioned cash for anything. This was a disturbing thought. At my age, I was going to be around when the world changed to something which up until now, had been the subject of the science fiction books of my childhood.

It has crept up behind us very quietly, and before we realized what was happening, it had already happened and was now off to the next stage of the process.

I believe we all need to keep up with the pace of change now that it’s not suddenly going to go into reverse, and land safely back in 1972. We need to be realistic and become aware of the possibilities.

I take us back to the financial crash of 2007/8, and the strange case of the *“Libor Rate”. This rate was quoted endlessly by the media and taken by the public to be something which was adhered to by the banking industry. Nothing could be done without the Libor rate being set every day. Or at least it certainly felt that way.

I always wanted to ask someone at the time, Who sets this rate?

Well, apparently the banks set the rates themselves. How very convenient.

My main reason for bringing up this shady banking business is to ask questions of all figures and statistics thrown at us, to be taken at face value. How is the average person meant to know if these figures are just plucked from thin air, or do they have relevance for our lives?

The answer is, we don’t. In general, we accept the word of the newsreader or political correspondent. We assume they are telling us the truth. But where do they get the figures? Of course, from government departments. And we all know how trustworthy they can be.

Libor rate and any government statistics are allegedly created by an independent body. Inflation? Is it possible inflation doesn’t actually exist and it is man made for the benefit of the bankers?

A couple of weeks ago I saw a list of countries with the worst inflation figures worldwide. I was surprised not to see Zimbabwe’s name. I since discovered that Zimbabwe doesn’t count inflation and hasn’t done for years. Strangely, this does not seem to have stopped the country from functioning. Is inflation just something else made artificially for the convenience of the world’s banking system?

If this piece ever sees the light of day, I expect anything I have speculated upon will be denounced just in case other people might be interested in finding out more about the real intentions of the bankers. They do not like anyone trying to find out that the planet is run for their benefit.

Most of the public tend to believe whatever they are told by the government or media. I think this coul be slowly changing. I see more people, both young and older, questioning the cozy status quo, which has kept us in debt and at the mercy of these despicable crooks. With the advent of crypto currencies and blockchain technology, the iron grip of the banking world is bit by bit beginning to slacken.

This is not happening without the banks doing everything in their power to bring this technology and alternative currency under the control of the central banks. They hate the thought of the public being freed from the chains and shackles of banking pirates. These people own governments and their political leaders. So losing ability to keep us on their leash is not at all palatable.

Even a simple transaction by cheque is made into a “five working days” pantomime. I write you a cheque for 500 pounds. Because I bank with Bank A, and you bank with Bank B, which are twenty yards apart on the high street, you take the cheque to your bank. You deposit said cheque in your account.

The bank has to verify that I have the funds in my bank with which to pay you. This should take one phone call. Or a person walking twenty yards to ask the question at my bank. But this mind numbingly simple transaction takes up to five working days. Really?

There was a move to speed this up, or simply do away with cheques altogether, but of course, neighter of these things took place. Banks don’t want simplicity. They want long drawn out procedures which belong to another century.

Similarly with the house selling process, solicitors who are conveyancing the sale do not want their processes sped up either. It suits them just fine to send letters and now emails, but mostly letters, to each other, slowing down the move while making more money by charging both buyer and seller for this generally unnecessary procedure.

And so it goes. We get shafted at every stage of the process, while bankers and solicitors get fat on the extra profits. The last thing they want is anything which will eat into their large slices of the cake.

I’m hopeful the advent of the new technology will help break this century’s old tradition of fleecing both the public and their sheep.

*Libor stands for the London Interbank Offered Rate

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header image courtesy of Alexshorter; Wikimedia Commons]


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