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Chaos? What Chaos?

Chaos? What Chaos?
July 21
13:23 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

Four words I couldn’t have put together even if I had fourteen brains and a lot of LSD!


credit: Dominique

How could this happen, unless this is a parallel universe I’ve stumbled across. It doesn’t matter which way I jumble the words, it still doesn’t make sense!

Of course nothing is making much sense at the moment. And I don’t think it will ever make sense again.

While the world of diplomacy gets over the shock of a Boris Johnson led Foreign Office, the rest of the world got on with the job of exterminating each other in as many cruel and sadistic ways as they can invent. Just when it seems all possible means have been used, along comes a new and more disgusting method.

I can’t remember a time when no one was at war with someone else. Human beings seem to have problems with each other constantly.

This will probably not be solved until they have wiped each other off the face of the earth. Then we will have peace until something in the swamp stirs, and the next evolution begins. These creatures will take a few millennia to get to a position to wipe each other out, but they definitely will.

It appears to be human nature to destroy what is pure and good, and allow the bad and evil to prosper. Which is a shame to say the least. I think evil will always be around in the world, but should not have a place in government. That way lies madness and disaster.

Greed tends to go hand in hand with political parties. Conservatives, Labour, Republican, Democrat, Communism etcetera. All likely to put personal avarice ahead of the common good. All governments are greedy. But I also think that there is evil creeping into the fabric of society. This is becoming more and more noticeable to people who are capable of independent thought.

If greed and evil is becoming the norm, then we are in a death spiral. There will be no coming back from this unless the public begin to see past the political circus and see those in charge, for what they are.

I genuinely believe that this all starts in an education system which allows the polarisation of political thought to be instilled into young fertile minds. Allow these students to think for themselves.

People go through years of education in many subjects, to be able to boast how clever and superior they are to other people who are also boasting about their superiority.

Quite a few current politicians in the UK went to the same universities. It’s strange how they can go through the system and come out as complete opposites. But totally convinced that their version of politics is far superior to that of their peers.

They can’t all be right or wrong. The public are beginning to get fed up with this kind of childish behaviour. In boardrooms across the world, there are people who have widely differing ideas on how a company should be run, but they find a way of combining the different opinions, and move ahead with the business.

Schools have a great number of differently talented people who also try to find a way of making their institutions run as smoothly as humanly possible.

It appears that only in politics, and not just here in Britain, is it possible not to be able to agree on the way forward. It’s the “we know best” attitude which is making the world fall apart at the seams. No one knows best. That’s just a fact. If we can’t work together to make less money and more progress, then we deserve whatever hell is heading in our direction at the rapid rate of knots.

I definitely feel that a huge shift is taking place in full view of everyone, and very few people can actually see what is happening!

Open your eyes and minds to the signs. War and slaughter is everywhere and we are becoming inured to this horrific behaviour. Stop believing what we are being fed daily by a media controlled by a few people who don’t have our best interests at heart.

Television news is showing us “scenes which we might find disturbing”. Unfortunately very little really disturbs the majority of people these days, and that’s very disturbing!

The advent of almost completely real life computer games has made young people especially, think that if it all goes wrong, we can reload and start back at the beginning. Unfortunately the beginning will be the swamp which we crawled out of, all those thousands of years ago. Life and death are not computer games. There is no do-over.

Like the EU referendum, just because it didn’t go the way some people thought it would, they want to reload and do it all over again. This actually had to be pointed out to many people, who could not grasp either reality or democracy.

Speaking of a lack of reality….

Back at planet Boris, he is apparently going to be the person who will have to solve all problems which are besetting the world. Just because Theresa May wants to make Boris look stupid and fail, it means that Britain has got little or no hope of solving anything until she appoints a person who can be taken seriously by other government leaders.

This is a recipe for disaster, unless he has hidden depths we have yet to uncover. But I get the feeling Boris has shown us everything he has intellectually. Maybe I’m underestimating the man and he will stop all the international murder and mayhem, but I have my doubts.

Unless “civilised” countries stop selling weapons and methods of killing to already warring factions in all parts of the planet, there is only one way it can end. Badly!

I’m not the only one who has noticed a change in the atmosphere. There is a realisation that this is the beginning of a breakdown in society, which will be impossible to put back together.

If these warning signs are heeded now, the situation could be saved, but I don’t see everyone in authority doing anything positive.

It’s up to those who can see what is coming, to try to get others to see the reality of what is happening.

Anyway, keep smiling!


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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Boris Johnson caricature from Wikimedia Commons, Dominique; riot police photo courtesy of Jonathan McIntosh, Wikimedia Commons]

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