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Glaring Omissions on the Official 2014 Bilderberg Membership List

Glaring Omissions on the Official 2014 Bilderberg Membership List
May 27
16:06 2014

written in hopeful anticipation

The membership list for the 2014 Bilderberg Conference has been released. The conference will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 29-June 1. On that list you’ll see there are major global bankers, corporate executives, and elite academics. There are even US criminals on the list, such as former director of the NSA, Keith “Rough ‘Em & Tumble ‘Em” Alexander. What is most apparent is the glaring lack of influential citizen bloggers on the list.

Even the managing director of janitorial services of the International Monetary Fund is invited and allegedly attending this year’s conference, yet, who will record the “non-policy”, “non-influential decisions on geopolitics” discussions that go on?

They’ll need at least one blogger who is steeped in the mire of the consumer-friendly American masses. An amateur bloke with a website would be best at soaking up and putting into plain language for his 99 percenter colleagues the lofty non-binding Bilderberger discussions that ‘absolutely have no affect at all on the future of Western civilization’ and how it treats the rest of the world.

I nominate myself for this position. I don’t need to be paid. Just a modest suite in the heavily guarded Copenhagen hotel, and a little complimentary room service while I digest the topics of the day and distill them into polite blog posts. Essentially, I’d aim at winning a Pulitzer Prize out of the Bilderberg series.

Otherwise the conspiracy theories will fly with no sincere voice to represent what happens every year with these powerful heads of world organizations. The New York Times used to claim there was no such thing as the Bilderberg Conference. So did Zbigniew Brzezinski, even though he has later been confirmed to be a frequent attendee at the yearly elite get-together:

After years of alternative media hammering away at the obvious evidence that indeed the world’s most influential movers and shakers really were meeting in secret to discuss serious global shifts in policy, the Times stopped denying Bilderberg but rather said, “Well, they aren’t actually deciding on anything at the conference.”

Or, in other words, they said, “Go back to sleep, America. CNN will let you know when we have something to update you on. And now, please enjoy a special on Babe Ruth, sponsored by Pfizer.”

Bilderberg issued an official list of talking points this year (I assume to tamper some of the rampant speculation about what they really talk about). On that list are hot button issues, such as:

*Is the economic recovery sustainable?
*Does privacy exist?
*Was that Tsarnaev message in the boat scrawled in blood, pen, pencil, Sharpie, or generic brand name marker?
*Is the exiled cultural philosopher living in Northern Europe emerging as a threat to Western order once again?
*The new architecture of the Middle East? (We crashed it, now what was our exact purpose again? or, How to keep      sharp our long term goals)
*Why don’t average people like us, and why don’t they like to be controlled?
*How do we sell economic austerity and poverty to citizens of the West?
*Is the anti-EU election results a serious concern to global governance?
*We wrapped up the Snowden files just fine; any last thoughts?

[Ben Bernanke, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, leaving Bilderberg 2008, photo by Shepherd Johnson]

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