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Tsarnaev Wrote Message in Blood Until He Found a Pencil (Praise Be to God!)

Tsarnaev Wrote Message in Blood Until He Found a Pencil (Praise Be to God!)
May 23
14:54 2014

Many Americans are asking, “Was it blood or wasn’t it?”

Dzhokar Tsarnaev hid in a boat, in the dark, while the city of Boston was shut down and a team of local police, FBI, and Department of Homeland Security agents swarmed each neighborhood. The law enforcement officers pointed their guns at women and children, even though they looked nothing like the curly-haired suspect. The aggression seemed necessary. It was good practice for police and paramilitary. Most Americans did not have a problem with it.

Tensions ran high. Pressure cookers went on clearance. There were terrorists on the loose, and the Tsarnaev brothers, after numerous misfires by the mainstream media in their attempts to indict someone, were finally declared guilty by CNN of the April 15th Boston Marathon bombing, and were hunted down.

While the search was on, Tsarnaev had, as it was reported later, been writing messages in blood on the walls of the boat in which he was hunkered. Time reported the gory details in an article titled “5 New Revelations in the Boston Bomber Indictment“.

The reported throat injury he’d suffered during the shootout with police, before he skirted away under the cover of darkness, was a primary source of blood. One can imagine the younger Tsarnaev dipping a finger or two into the wet wound and wiping onto the boat’s interior such phrases as, “The US Government is killing our innocent civilians” and “Now I don’t like killing innocent people it is forbidden in Islam but due to said [unreadable smudge] it is allowed.”

What is remarkable is that Dzhokar didn’t run out of ink, so to speak. He was settling into what English literature graduate students call, the ‘Moby Dick’ mode, which is the feverish, inexhaustible type of writing Herman Melville was engaged in as he scratched out hundreds of pages while hidden away from the world in a summer home.

This was not hundreds of pages written with a pen, but a much more formidable task with a quill and ink. If critics have been known to scratch their heads over the verbosity of Melville’s fiction, there are similar-minded people who ask, “Why didn’t Dzhokar Tsarnaev abbreviate a little here and there to make it easier on himself?”

He could have shorted “Government” (govt). He could have cut “Now I don’t like” as well. Just get to the point, man, when you’re writing in blood. It’s quite a feat. Can you imagine how much blood it would take write that many letters on dry wood?

The latest news reports have shed some practical light on these questions. It seems that while the younger Tsarnaev was using his own body as an ink fount, and his finger as a snub-nosed quill, he must have, accidentally I suppose, noticed the familiar feel of a round stick of graphite enclosed in a long, thin piece of wood laying on the floor of the dark boat.

“Well, this should make my task just a little easier,” he must have thought. “Praise be to God!” Letters in blood enhance the drama. But a pencil is so much more practical, especially for a man wounded and close to death. We still remember the Manson girls smearing ‘pig’ on the walls of Sharon Tate’s house. They had an enormous amount of the red stuff, so three big letters were feasible. It looked good on the front pages. But not even those ladies were crazy enough to write a short manifesto with it.

As USA Today declares it, “Tsarnaev, writing in pencil, asked Allah to make him a martyr. ‘God has a plan for each person,’ he wrote. ‘Mine was to hide in this boat and shed some light on our actions.'”

So which is it? Did the young man forget he had a pencil on him? Was he halfway through the first message in blood before he shifted his aching body and felt the uncomfortable poke of a writing utensil against his shoulder blade?

[Boston Marathon Bombing photo by Aaron “tango” Tang]

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  1. barbh1
    barbh1 May 24, 09:01

    My co conspirator has informed me that Tsarnaev actually cut the words out of a magazine and stuck them to the boat with toothpaste.

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    • DDA
      DDA Author May 24, 12:34

      Time magazine missed that one! What a good story for TV. And everybody will want to know, What kind of toothpaste did he use?

      Reply to this comment
      • barbh1
        barbh1 May 26, 14:23

        The brand of toothpaste is an state secret. However, sources close to the investigation confirm the magazine was Readers Digest.

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        • DDA
          DDA Author May 26, 14:47

          Readers Digest, that figures! But what of the toothpaste? Not even a hint if it was of the minty variety?

          Reply to this comment
          • barbh1
            barbh1 May 26, 18:22

            Hmm. Minty. Yes. That would explain the SWAT teams use of breathalyzers on the citizens of Greater Boston. I’ve heard Popular Mechanics is doing a show explaining how this was the key to cracking the whole case. Apparently, Tsarnaev was the only one of the 4.5 million with sweet breath.

  2. Ann
    Ann May 24, 10:56

    Great points, DDA! The whole thing is so absurd that if it wasn’t so tragic, it would’ve been funny. Reminds me of the many stories about 7 Eleven robbery – not robbery, cop murder – not cop murder(friendly fire), armed – not armed,…..the list goes on and on,and on. Losing credibility, this is what happens at the end.

    Reply to this comment
    • DDA
      DDA Author May 24, 12:37

      You’re right about that. The storylines kept unfolding. So many questions that we need answered. Unfortunately, the majority of the population doesn’t have the ability to track the changes and absurdities. It’s like their memories are scrubbed after each new CNN report.

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  3. Ralphie
    Ralphie May 24, 21:27

    The boat note will be thrown out and not used. Inadmissible.
    The prosecution has always known this, but made sure it was leaked to the media.
    On pg. 9 of the court doc, from May 16 by the prosecution (Doc 312; Govt Opposition to Defendant’s Motion Concerning Alleged Leaks and Public Comments by Law Enforcement ) the prosecution admits the boat was left unguarded for several days
    before the note was discovered. Anyone could have wrote the note. The
    bright red ‘blood stain’ dripping down is laughable, especially since it wasn’t discovered for several days. And of course, ABC, CNN or Boston Globe won’t report this truth.

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    • DDA
      DDA Author May 25, 13:56

      Thank you for this analysis. I too am not convinced about that note. It’s a little too simple and obvious and doesn’t carry much weight.

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  4. nader paul mckinney ventura
    nader paul mckinney ventura May 27, 12:08

    ‘news’ media and government told us

    it was Sharpie or Magic Marker too

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