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20 Minute Beating Video of Kelly Thomas Not Enough: Fullerton Police Officers Go Free

20 Minute Beating Video of Kelly Thomas Not Enough: Fullerton Police Officers Go Free
January 14
20:32 2014

I’ve never seen something so bad happen to a human being, and have it done by  on-duty police officers. –Ron Thomas

Two Fullerton psychopaths will walk free from charges of involuntary manslaughter, and a third will have the charges against him dropped after a jury found them not guilty, even though there were dozens of witnesses and video that captured the brutal, slow beating death of Kelly Thomas.

While that revelation in and of itself would be disturbing, it is even worse to think these men who deliberately pulled gloves over their hands before taking pleasure in pummeling the defenseless homeless man in front of bystanders gathered at a bus stop, were police officers who you and any other American citizen would have to obey.

In this case, the People should eat the pigs, not the other way around

Radio show host Alex Jones ripped into the officers to his 10-15 million listeners and called for a bare-knuckled boxing match between him and Thomas’ killers to happen in Vegas, or “wherever it’s legal.” He called the murderous policemen an embarrassment to humanity, and cowardly to crush a broken man long after he’d stopped struggling.

I don’t know anything about Jones’ ability to fight, but the sentiment of rage and retribution is fitting in relation to an acquittal of these men. Do you really want to send a message to any corrupt, violent police officer in the country that they have a license to murder? These police officers destroyed Kelly Thomas’ face, crushed his windpipe, and they took twenty minutes to do it. They reveled in it. They tortured one of the weakest members of our society. A schizophrenic man living on the streets, sitting in the chilly evening.

Of course we should not allow monsters like these to lurk in our society, posing as humans.

I’m reminded of a dog my uncle had years ago. My uncle brought home a kitten from a neighbor. The kitten’s mother had been run over by a milk truck. My uncle gladly accepted the kitten and agreed to raise it on his farm. When he brought it home, however, his farm dog growled at the kitten and snapped at it.

“Get out of here, Jack!” my uncle said, and swatted at the dog.

Jack lunged at my uncle and snapped his jaws in the air. Jack ran off, then, leaving my uncle bewildered and the kitten cowering in fear next to the concrete foundation of the house.

The dog had challenged his master, and from that point on, Jack could not be trusted. My uncle had to defend the kitten, clearly, as it was helpless and was not in a position to defend itself. He knew he couldn’t keep the dog around. You can’t have a pet that could, when challenged, lash out in a violent way. My uncle knew what he had to do. He very sadly grabbed his rifle and took care of the problem.

There are many great police officers out there. I know a few. There are also police officers who make mistakes from time-to-time, because they are dealing with the nitty gritty of society. They handle the problems the rest of us do not want to, or cannot. Yet, what those public officials did to Kelly Thomas was not an honest mistake. It was an unforgivable event and they need to pay a lifelong price. Jail time. They need to be put away from society. We have no use for people like that, who are vicious with the least among us. We cannot trust these men, and the jurors should have sent a clear message to any wicked police officer out there that the citizens will not allow it.

Maybe you think forgiveness is best in this case. The murderers have suffered enough already. You might think they’ve already learned their lessons. Violence or jail time will not bring the homeless man back, you might say. His father, Ron Thomas, will not gain anything by locking up those police officers or flogging them mercilessly in the Fullerton Downtown Plaza.

Maybe I and any good human should say, “Screw it, let’s stop letting Kelly’s screams haunt our memories. Let’s forget these thug police officers and let it go for our peace of mind.”

And if that is your sentiment about the case, that’s all right. But I can’t feel that way. Not tonight. Probably not tomorrow, either. I’ll let God decide to forgive these soulless fools when it’s that time, but while they are on earth I say they ought to suffer like hell first. It should be apparent that we have no tolerance for this type of behavior, whether you wear a badge or not.

[photo by J.Dncsn]

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  1. Joanna
    Joanna January 14, 21:04

    This case sadly harkens back memories of the Rodney King verdict in 1992. As we mourn for the ignorant, brutal, and senseless evil that was perpetrated, let’s dig deep into our hopeful collective consciousness and believe that some good will result– perhaps it will bring an increased public awareness of severe adult mental illness and homelessnes so we stop turning a blind eye. Perhaps we will finally recognize the importance of developing stronger guidelines and training for police officers in how to responsibly interact with persons suffering from severe mental illness. One thing is certain. The trust between law enforcement and the Fullerton community it serves will need time, prayer, and deliberate action to be restored.

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    • DDA
      DDA Author January 16, 14:34

      Let’s hope something good comes of this. The trust between the Fullerton police department and the citizens had been dwindling for quite some time, it seems. Many, many cases of brutality and the use of excessive force. And no consequences for police officers.

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  2. William Bengtson
    William Bengtson January 15, 10:27

    I just don’t understand how a jury of twelve people people could vote “not guilty” after watching that video. What happened in that courtroom?

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    • DDA
      DDA Author January 16, 14:31

      Good question. Maybe the jurors fear convicting an officer of the Fullerton Police department like they would if convicting someone in the local mafia or a violent gang.

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