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Do You Think They Show Every Newly Elected President the Zapruder Film?

Do You Think They Show Every Newly Elected President the Zapruder Film?
September 24
21:00 2013

Comedian Bill Hicks pondered on stage often about John F Kennedy’s assassination. “Do you think they show every subsequent president the Zapruder film?” he asked his audience. “And then they turn the lights up and say to the new president, ‘Any questions?'”

I was paraphrasing above; listen to Hicks’ actual routine:

Conspiracy nut or not, researcher and historian Webster Griffin Tarpley shares a condensed list of reasons why JFK was taken out. As Hicks alluded to above, Kennedy did not follow his agenda:

The classic example of political assassination was the murder of Presdient Kennedy. Kennedy had been alerted by the Bay of Pigs debacle to the treachery and incompetence of CIA director Allen Dulles, whom he fired. He refused to listen to the adventurist advice of former Secretary of State Dean Acheson. He overrode his main military advisers, Lyman Lemnitzer and Curtis LeMay, who wanted to make the Cuban missile crisis the occasion for general thermonuclear war with the USSR. Kennedy clashed with Roger Blough of US Steel, who was acting as a representative of Wall Street. Kennedy challenged the power of the Federal Reserve to be the sole controller of the US money supply. Kennedy seemed determined to return to the New Deal policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and also to the strong presidency Roosevelt had embodied, but which the US oligarchy was determined never to permit again. (There had in any case been an attempt to assassinate FDR in Florida before he was even inaugurated.) Kennedy was probably planning to fire FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover, who regarded himself as an unaccountable state within the state. Documents indicate that Kennedy was scaling down the US presence in Vietnam, rather than escalating it as his incompetent hawkish advisers wanted, and that he may have been preparing to liquidate the Vietnam matter entirely after his re-election in November 1964. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in November, 1963 (9/11 Synthetic Terror, Made In USA, 4th edition).

If you haven’t already seen it one million times, here’s another reminder:

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