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Unsettling Answers on Striking Syria: When the Bastards Are Too Desperate

Unsettling Answers on Striking Syria: When the Bastards Are Too Desperate
September 03
14:54 2013

Why are these bastards so desperate?

It is eerie to listen to John Kerry ramble on like a harried university professor about ensuring that the weapons of mass destruction in Syria are not used against its people, the United States, or its allies. Imminent threats. WMDs. Immediate military action needed. Shouldn’t last long. Never mind the severe regional and world consequences. When was the last time  we heard this sort of rhetoric?

And should Syria implode, or something or other, as John Kerry seems to vaguely assert, then maybe there would be a need for “boots on the ground”, but otherwise no, the American people don’t have to worry about a drawn out, broad-scale war.

I only wish the “Live CNN” feed would dub in a high-pitched “Bullshit!” every time John Kerry clearly stumbled and made up noncommittal statements for the American public.

What unsettles me most about the Obama administration’s urging to conduct a series of military strikes within Syria is their desperation in doing so. They are frothing at the mouth trying to persuade public opinion — not that they care much about every poll showing American citizens decidedly against military action — but also to line up influential war hawk congresspeople like John McCain and John Boehner, as well as fake liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein.

Whether the American people like it or not, it seems Obama and his dim-eyed henchmen, John Kerry and Chuck Hagel, will ram through an open ended proposal to strike Syria and deal with the fallout later.

Yet, we do not know if Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on his people, or if one of the rebel bands accidentally or purposefully fired off a canister of sarin gas. All we know is that chemicals have been used, and if Assad did unleash them, it was a horrible miscalculation on his part, as he is now drawing international scrutiny and handing emotional favor to the Al Qaeda-backed rebels.

We also don’t know how Iran will act. Will they shut down the Strait of Hormuz as they’ve threatened to do over a US strike on Syria? Would they send a missile into Israel? Will John Kerry suit up in his old combat fatigues and fight alongside Israel as a horrific missile war ensues?

Nothing good comes out of attacking Syria. Not one positive thing, for anybody. The civil war doesn’t end. America loses money it doesn’t have, and might be drawn into an even more volatile Iraq-styled invasion. More people will be killed in Syria. Syria’s major allies, also the West’s long-standing foes, will be riled up and possibly retaliate. Caches of chemical weapons might be blown up in a missile strike, and further poison massive amounts of people, both fighters and civilians.

Why are the bastards so desperate to do this? Why especially, when the American people say No.

There are not-so-hidden, criminal forces at work here. There are long standing plans that are needing fulfillment, and those plans are dangerously behind schedule. The war hawks are determined to catch up.

General Wesley Clark sheds light on the truth about the Middle East. Seven countries in five years:

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