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American People Wary of Syrian Intervention: Will Obama Listen?

American People Wary of Syrian Intervention: Will Obama Listen?
August 28
20:10 2013

A few days ago the media finally found something less popular than both cockroaches and the United States Congress. The official report:

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll has finally found something that Americans like even less than Congress: the possibility of U.S. military intervention in Syria. Only 9 percent of respondents said that the Obama administration should intervene militarily in Syria; a RealClearPolitics poll average finds Congress has a 15 percent approval rating, making the country’s most hated political body almost twice as popular.

When the heavy majority of American people continue to express their disapproval for military intervention in Syria, you’d think the Obama administration would listen. After all, these are the same people, at least some of them, who reelected him.

You’d also think the will of the normally war-hawkish American people, with an unshakable majority saying they oppose a US-led NATO to run a bombing campaign in Syria, would be enough to call off the operation. That seems like fair business in a so-called democracy.

Also, the above mentioned poll is not the only one where the majority of American people essentially tell the US government to cool it and stay out of Syria. Americans, since 2011, have been chilly to the notion of getting involved in another Middle Eastern conflict. A recent HuffPost/YouGov poll found that 49 percent of people were against airstrikes, while only 16 percent approved. Sixty-eight percent of people in the same poll opposed sending ground troops.

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Maybe people are war-weary. Maybe people are reluctant to antagonize China, Russia, and Iran. Perhaps the American people would like to see the Obama administration actually seek approval from Congress first before they lead a heavy bombardment on the Syrian people.

Maybe people realize there are bands of al-Qaeda and Wahabists fighting for the Syrian rebel forces. It might be apparent to the American people that Iranian troops are fighting for Assad, and an airstrike could lead to a greater regional or world conflict. Or maybe Israel is coming off too desperate for a skirmish with Syria. Nobody trusts a fellow with a careless, hungry gaze. It turns people off. Freaks them out.

Maybe the American people are ashamed they don’t know where Syria is on the map, as that should make anybody bashful about agreeing to bomb a nation and disrupt the people living there on a scale so tremendous it could only be carried out by Western forces, as happened in Libya.

Or maybe the American people realize that the CIA has been shipping arms out of Libya and into the hands of the Syrian rebel forces. Weaponry like surface-to-air missiles that could take down military planes or airliners.

Or, perhaps the biggest shocker of all, the American people might suspect the Syrian rebels launched the chemical attack, since evidence that it was the Assad regime is sketchy, at best.

Whatever it is, it’s encouraging to see so many Americans opposing military intervention.

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