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Arming Syrian Rebels: What Could Go Wrong?

June 17
21:37 2013

Perthshire, Scotland

Free Syrian Army rebels cleaning their AK47s

The Arab Spring was and is a media/government myth. It never existed. It didn’t free a single soul. It only imprisoned those that the winners deemed enemies.

Libya is a complete disaster zone with inter tribal fighting and no clear idea where this “free” country is going. As long as the West got hold of Libyan oil reserves and could control them, it was a success.

The dead and maimed counted for nothing as they had in Iraq. Western multinational companies profited on a huge scale from the misery of the people they’d “freed”.

Egypt is in a horrible mess now and will only get worse. So little thought is given to the consequences of supporting such uprisings. Stupidity and greed plus political position rule all the thinking.

Syria isn’t oil rich but has a strategic position in the Middle East that the West would love to have control over. At the outset of the “rebel” campaign, Russia was Syria’s main benefactor. Supplying arms and many kinds of aid. I’m sure President Assad and his cohorts had a hand in terrorism but it was of a more controlled nature.

Assad was never going to be a major threat to the region, unlike Iran, which is openly hostile to western governments and companies. As far as I can see, the only reason for destabilising Syria was to remove Russian influence from the region! Once the West had a measure of control over the country, there would be more freedom to take on Iran.

As usual we, the public, are being softened up to accept US and European intervention in Syria.

As with Iraq, we are hearing graphic tales of chemical attacks on the “rebel” forces, and woe betide anybody who suggests the “rebels” have also used gas! This is a one way street of disinformation to make us think the arming of these “rebels/terrorists is not only inevitable, but a good and humane thing to do.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague tells us that not arming these people is akin to us killing innocents ourselves.

President Obama tells us a “red line” has been crossed. What the hell is he talking about? There is only a “red line” because it’s a government ploy to get involved in another disastrous war where thousands of people will be killed for no reason other than politicians’ vanity and power.

At what point did it become Western policy to arm Islamic extremists who are set on destroying Western civilisation? There is an “Alice in Wonderland” feel to all this. Up is down, black is white, right is wrong! Nothing is what it seems.

The pure insanity of a call to arm people who would stop at nothing to have a completely Islamic code ruling us is so bizarre, it fair boggles the mind. Take a step back and think about this lunacy. These weapons talked of being given, will end up in the hands of people who have nothing but hatred for Western values and way of life.

Have our politicians finally gone stark staring mad? It’s the only explanation for the insanity of what’s being proposed. Thankfully there are some wise heads here and in America saying “wait a minute,” remember Iraq and its nonexistent WMDs!

But I’m sure if America and Europe decide to send weapons they will do so regardless of the obvious stupidity of such a move. It would be flying in the face of common sense, but as in the Iraq debacle, that element is on short supply!

Russia will make sure Syria is well armed and that is a surefire recipe for utter disaster. There may be no drawing back if that happens.

How can giving weapons to terrorists stop the killing? Just writing that looks insane! Wake up everybody and don’t let governments lead us into another swamp of blood and bones!

After it all goes wrong and thousands of people from all sides are dead and horribly maimed, will our “leaders” stand at a podium and claim they did what they thought was right when a five year old could have told them they knew not what they were doing? They surely will and as usual huge corporations will have benefited from the slaughter of people who only really want to live quietly and in peace. 

Our warmongering leaders, be they in the west or in Islamic countries, don’t care about individuals, only themselves and their backers.

I know this view won’t go down well with some people, most of which are good and true citizens, but I don’t want us….the West…to be drawn into an even bigger uglier mess than Iraq.
That is where we are heading if the talk of red line crossing is pursued.

More artificial angst by pipsqueak politicians like Hague and the idiot Cameron will only make me feel more suspicion about their true motives.

Think people, think where you last heard pleas about intervention from politicians, and where it led the West!

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Michael J Blair is a regular contributor to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

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