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Alex Jones Show Plays Bill Hicks Snippet, Fuels Theory Host is Actually Late Comedian

Alex Jones Show Plays Bill Hicks Snippet, Fuels Theory Host is Actually Late Comedian
August 28
23:56 2013

Today’s broadcast of Alex Jones’ radio show included a snippet of Bill Hicks’ comedy routine as a lead-in before Jones began the segment. The Hicks clip will again, no doubt, refuel the longtime theory that the alternative media talk show host is actually the late great comedian. There’s been plenty of speculation online.

For those familiar with Hicks and Jones, there is good reason to play with the idea that they are the same man, no matter how preposterous or unlikely.

I’ve long been a Hicks fan, and I’ve been aware of Alex Jones since 2004. Just before Hicks died in 1994 from pancreatic cancer, he traveled to Waco, Texas to cover the Branch Davidian compound that was eventually seized and burned down by federal agents. Hicks’ long time friend, Kevin Booth, helped him film their trip to the standoff between Koresh and the government. Booth later worked for Alex Jones, which has stirred further speculation that Hicks faked his death and transformed into the hard right conservative talk show host.

Alex Jones burst onto the scene by covering the Branch Davidians. He was videotaped lecturing FBI agents about the violent way in which they handled the situation at Waco.

How could Bill Hicks even stomach someone like Alex Jones? is often the question people ask. But it’s not difficult to imagine Hicks being able to pull off an “Alex Jones” act. It would certainly be magical, and would dwarf even the greatest Andy Kaufman stunt, but Hicks is capable.

Hicks is not that unlike Alex Jones. Jones is a thorn in the side of the local, state, and federal government, as well as a vociferous opponent of corrupt capitalism, Wall Street, and global banks. Jones rails against superficiality, believes in one source of creation (as did Hicks), and disdains mainstream advertising / programming of the human mind.

Hicks was not a stranger to “conspiracy theory” as he often illustrated the ridiculous official government explanation of the JFK assassination, as well as his fascination with state power clamping down and killing Koresh and his followers.

Of course, I don’t believe Bill Hicks is Alex Jones, however, late at night, after watching a Hicks routine, I think what an amazing hoax it would have been. The great, underestimated, under-appreciated comedian fakes his death, drops off the map for a year, and comes storming back as a Texas firebrand who abhors left and right politics, cannot stand corruption, and despises government hypocrisy.

And for those who claim that Jones is not funny, or is too loud and obnoxious to be Bill Hicks, I disagree. Hicks shouted and squealed and became physically angry throughout his act on stage. The way Hicks says, “You scum!” is about the same as Jones says it.

On the other side, Jones is actually quite funny. He delves into satire frequently, which is one of the most enjoyable parts of his radio broadcast. For example, after his meteoric appearance on CNN with Piers Morgan, Jones the next day went off on a tangent about the CNN show host’s big snot nose dribbling around Washington D.C., turning it into a mucus moat to ward off all the good people from entering government. It was Jones impression (one of many) of a stuffy Britisher that made it noteworthy.

Jones’ ability to deeply cut politicians with their own words, and remember vast amounts of information is reminiscent of Hicks. Jones’ constant cynicism and explosive anger every time he’s challenged by a caller or heckler meshes the two men quite nicely.

The Hicks-is-Jones bit seems a fantasy, but it’s a comforting one. As the cold wind bears down on our United States of America, the thought that Bill Hicks is actually out there, lecturing and going on vocal rampages three hours every weekday is too tempting not to entertain at least for a few quiet minutes.


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  1. Stephvelander
    Stephvelander September 27, 17:18

    There is absolutely no way that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks.

    Hicks believed we were all one consciousness.…Jones believes in the violent christian god.

    Hicks wanted to provoke thought in Americans….Jones wants to provoke fear.

    It’s unbelievable that anyone would want to propose the idea that the two are the same man. Bill Hicks was about love and intelligence, far from what Jones is; he thinks the lining in kids’ juice boxes are making kids gay. Really? But what do I know, he has the “documents to prove it”.

    Link to Juice Box Theories

    This is all a bunch of bullshit and I hope it does not go viral, which could possibly taint the very important messages Bill Hicks left behind that America so desperately needs to hear again today….but not from the Alex Jones show.

    It’s a fucking disgrace that fucking clownshoe Jones used Hick’s words to benefit from it but you know he’s a radical christian and that’s what they do – turn and twist shit just to promote their false ideals. Jones probably hates the government because he sees it as his competition.

    No need to elaborate any further.

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    • DDA
      DDA Author September 28, 14:58

      I give Jones a little more credit than you do. He’s got flaws, but I’ve been impressed with his ability to spin a story, satire, or scathing critiques of corrupt and political corruption. The man’s mind is vast and holds a lot. He’s got flaws, though, and I agree he’s not Hicks. Although, I can see Hicks transforming into Jones’ character to torment a sick society that, if it upheld its own fundamental principles, could become quite a beautiful place. We’ve got enormous power as American citizens, yet it seems 99 percent of us don’t use it and, subsequently, are losing the rights and freedoms we could have.

      I’ve seen Jones really relax on the Christian fundamentalism to accepting the fact that there’s one Will, one Creator, basically, and it seems Hicks would have believed that, as he believed we are all one consciousness.

      Anyway, I don’t believe Hicks is Jones, and I agree that the two men are quite different. I do see a similar creative explosion that both men were capable of, and the poise and eloquence to deliver the message.

      Your colorful comments brighten this website. Thank you.

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