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For Ratings & Fireworks: Alex Jones & Piers Morgan Equals Good TV

January 11
21:37 2013
Los Angeles

by 911conspiracy

As if there wasn’t enough information out there already about Alex Jones squaring off over gun control with the British CNN host Piers Morgan, I’m going to write about it anyway. I enjoyed the interview, tremendously. It was good television. Tense, passionate, unsettling.

The bottom line is that America’s mainstream media is lame, deceptive, and much too powerful. Piers Morgan, although he tries to represent a calm, rational human being, should be reviled just as much as Alex Jones. Morgan, on a recent renegade against the Second Amendment after the Sandy Hook shooting, doesn’t seem to have any problems with the hundreds of children killed overseas by the CIA’s predator drones, or America’s little pet, Israel, whose Defense Force has murdered an untold number of Palestinian children.

by Nan Palmero

Piers Morgan is a criminal, first of all. An unlikely thug, by the looks of him — a washed out, over-sized puppet sewn into a suit. A man who has spent too much time face down at the bottom of a closet in some rich girl’s bedroom. After years of clunky objects like shoes and discarded novelty bags thrown onto the back of his head, mashing his face into the floor, somebody jerked him out from beneath that pile of dusty belongings and propped him in a chair at CNN. Two long strips of Velcro hold him to the spot until the show’s over. He’s not allowed to move until he’s done satisfactory work for the unseen mega sponsors who feed him and keep his suit clean.

But alas, despite his charming persona, he’s a real son of a bitch — an unrepentant phone hacker. He’s a silly frontman for a global media owned and controlled by a handful of corporations who spend hundreds of billions telling you what to think, what to wear, and how to act in public. They have defined our culture and our reality.

Alex Jones, on the other hand, seems to think of himself as the embodiment of John Adams. John Adams with a bullhorn. Every time he pulls the trigger a burst of high-pitched electronic squeals blow through the crowd. It’s that traditional spirit mixed into our ubiquitous digital era, reeling on the edge of insanity, that most interests me.

Jones fancies himself as a man who still lives in the colonies, needs to carry his rifle everywhere he goes, and is not afraid to march up to an enemy in the street, put a finger in his face, and shout out an argument. The Republic is at stake! he yells. The last bastion of freedom is being drained of strength and vitality by globalist suckers so clandestine they can’t be detected by the masses of drugged out, television-wired people!

Fingers jabbing and spit flying

“This country was built on whiskey and guns,” Jones told Morgan. He’s right. This nation is hard-boiled and drunk with anger and tension. Hundreds of millions of people have been misused, abused, enslaved, molested, and thrown to the street throughout this nation’s history. Great wealth, and great scandal defines our country. It’s not all good, and it’s not all bad. But there is nothing holy or divine about the creation of America. We’re stuck carrying the metaphorical cross upon our collective back, and it’s a heavy buzzard weighted by the blood of the indigenous peoples slaughtered, by the chains of the field slaves, by the European serfs and peasants who starved and froze and withered away working hard in factories while hoping to earn their freedoms. Our history, whether we know it or not, brings us to our knees.

Alex Jones, the host of the eponymous radio show and creator of the websites Infowars and Prison Planet, has a very strong rhetorical style. He talks fast enough and loud enough to never be interrupted. He wants to get everything on record. There isn’t one ounce of shame in him. While he’s ranting, either at Piers Morgan, or into the camera or the radio mic, there is no second-guessing in his eyes. They are focused and determined.

For better or worse, he’s passionate. It’s an outrageous tone in the glazed eyes of TV watchers who are used to the emotionless, indifferent newscasters who talk of war and famine, of people killed by bombs and bullets, disease and bizarre accidents, without ever letting their voices quiver.

Jones is not a “fringe conspiracy theorist” as the Huffington Post mislabeled him. He’s a mainstream conspiracy theorist who is sometimes let onto CNN, Fox News, and other mainstream media outlets. If the establishment was really terrified of Jones and his large base of followers, he simply wouldn’t have his millions of listeners or his very impressive platform, which includes Sirius XM and dozens and dozens of radio stations that pick up his show.

Jones’ showdown with Piers Morgan was fireworks and illusion, done for pure entertainment in a land where the spectacle is by far the most important aspect of any event. Piers got dumped on, and Jones made a fool of himself as he shouted and ranted and jabbed his finger within inches of Morgan’s chest. The camera didn’t show it, but no doubt there was spit flying from Jones’ mouth and sticking to Pier’s knobby face and spiffy suit.

The event, as anybody who follows news knows, drew a lot of attention. It became a vortex of energy drawing in gun rights activists, conspiracy theorists, mainstream media zombies, and gun control enthusiasts.

The answers will never be clearer. Our society will never be simpler, unless it takes a tremendous crash and falls so low, and on such hard times that we, as a people, are forced to join hands and get back to common, upright principles. As we are, we’re stuck, I’m afraid, in the muck and mire of our own clever contraptions, our laden frightful history, and there is probably no peaceful way for us to escape it.


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