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NYC’s Water Cafe — Stripping the Fluoride, Chlorine, & Sex Hormones From H2O

July 20
07:53 2012

Los Angeles

Imagine going to a cafe to buy a glass of water, and that’s it. Here’s the story, reported by Journalism’s High Priestesses:

Molecule, aka the Water Café, is filtering New York City tap water down to its purest form and serving it for $2.50 to thirsty local patrons using a custom-made device worth more than $20,000.
“It’s about treating water a little more consciously, mindfully and respectfully,” said co-owner Adam Ruhf, 32, who has a background in music and activism.

I wouldn’t mind going there once to taste water stripped of fluoride and chlorine and pharmaceutical drugs and sex hormones and anti-convulsants and mood stabilizers, but this bit of news also reminds me of the urgency with which we must get back to healthy, clean water for everybody.

Why does clean, expertly purified water have to be served in a coffee shop styled setting, rather than be installed in every apartment building and home across America? That does seem outlandish, especially after I typed it, but why not? Why can’t America spend its money on finding cheaper, better solutions to aid and improve the lives of its citizens?

Our water supply is not doing well. Compound metals, chemicals, mercury, traces of prescription drugs, toxic, radioactive substances, deadly bacteria. Millions of Americans drink dirty, nasty water. Fluoride has been proven many times to not be beneficial for your teeth, and to be ultimately destructive to your organs, immune system, and arteries.

Dear Jesus, it sounds bad when we get into it. My little Brita filter doesn’t cut it.

The elites know our clean water supply is in decline. The wealthiest among us have bought up properties surrounding bodies of fresh water. When our supply goes bad, that’ll be it. No way we’ll be able to penetrate the standing armies guarding the fresh, filtered water for those who have sequestered it. To regain access for the masses, we’ll need dynamite and unprecedented cooperation and team work. It’s the latter that I’m worried we don’t have enough of. Getting dynamite is easy.

Even more astounding is how many of us take water for granted. Charles Manson, despite what you think of him, was right when he said, “Water’s God, man.” He said the same thing about Air. Imagine a civilization that poisons one substance that we can’t live without for more than three and a half to four minutes.

Imagine fouling and pissing in the other substance that we can’t go without for more than a few days.

Overall, I like the purpose of this new water cafe:

“It’s more of an intuitive thing about cleanliness,” he explained of how water helped him recover. “Not wanting toxins [from unfiltered water] to further inhibit my recovery.”

His store, located between First Avenue and Avenue A, first takes city water heavy with chlorine, fluoride and compound metals and sends it through its towering 8-foot filter behind the counter.

Just imagine US troops training to set up massive watering filtering stations around the nation, instead of training to storm cities like Denver in the case of a terrorist takeover, or in the event too many unemployed locals exhibit extended periods of protesting and Unpatriotic behaviors because they’re sick of not having a job or a paycheck for more than a few years.

I have no hope for this world. Not any more. Not since a few months ago, when I began reading reports written by ex-military officials who once had clearance to very top secret information about our country, and the state of the world. It’s not pretty. We won’t be seeing a better economy, nor will there ever be hope that our politicians and major world governments will repatriate those trillions of wartime dollars into worthwhile, humanitarian missions, like clean drinking WATER, clean AIR, good, organic, nutritious FOOD.

Most people, by now, probably know that our troops and dollars will never go to fight for the safety of those three things. Our troops are sent to sweat and toil and bleed and suffer and become maimed and die for three other things, like: Drugs, Oil, and Israel.

Whoa, ho, I’ve said too much.

How did I get onto this roiling tangent and so far away from a cafe in NYC whose sole purpose is to serve clean drinking water?…And how do I step away slowly, without looking suspicious?


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  1. Nys Cof
    Nys Cof July 20, 08:49

    NYC spends about $24 million annually adding tasteless, odorless, health-harming fluoride chemicals into New Yorkers bodies via the water supply in a failed effort, not to purify the water but to reduce tooth decay in people who drink tap water and sodas made with that tap water. Then people spend their own money avoiding the fluoride.

    NYC Council Member Peter Vallone, Jr. introduced legislation (Int 0463-2011) “prohibiting the addition of fluoride to the water supply.” People need to call Speaker Quinn and Health Committee Chair Arroyo to allow a public hearing on this bill.

    Vallone writes on his website, “There is a growing body of evidence that fluoride does more harm than good.”.

    Fluoridation Opposition is Scientific, Respectable & Growing.

    More than 4,038 professionals (including 331 dentists and 518 MD’s) urge that fluoridation be stopped citing scientific evidence that ingesting fluoride is ineffective at reducing tooth decay and has serious health risks. See statement:

    Reasons to stop fluoridation in NYC are here:

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