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The Banishment of Honesty

The Banishment of Honesty
March 27
19:57 2021


How many times have you heard people, mainly politicians, use the phrase “to be honest”, and thought, here comes the next lie?

I look back on those times with some degree of pleasure. At least we knew that it was a game and knew what was going on.

In the last 12 months, the same politicians don’t even bother about hiding their lies. They know that there will be no recriminations from the public or media, as the public are brainwashed and the media rely entirely on government funding (advertising).

The lines between the truth and the lies are so blurred, we have no idea what is fact and what is fiction.

Government is now so emboldened, it can tell the public exactly what it is going to do, and know that the public will say nothing, because they believe, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the government will do them no harm.

We, who are able to see reality, have tried to explain what the long term aims of the globalist cabal will do to those who still have faith in the system. But not only can’t they see what is staring them in the face, they don’t believe that there actually is such a thing as a globalist!

The main reason for the contradictory language is to confuse the public and make them doubt the evidence of their own eyes.

Not so long ago, the same public would have said that they didn’t believe a word a politician would say.

What used to be called “conspiracy theory” is happening in public and unhidden, but the majority of the people now ignore their own beliefs and think everything which is being done, is for their own protection.

Such has been the success of the government propaganda, people are queueing up for an injection which the government tells them that it will not change anything. They still believe that they will be free to go back to normal, despite being told that isn’t going to happen.

We all have to have a small amount of optimism in order to get from morning to night, but we know deep down that the end game isn’t going to be pleasant. What keeps us going is that we know that we have the truth on our side, and the best of intentions for the future.

As we have recently noticed, the problem with constantly lying and changing the “rules” on a whim, causes politicians and senior police officers to contradict themselves in public.

We see the confusion in their eyes when asked a question for which they aren’t prepared.

What needs to happen is more people need to be in a position to ask questions face to face with these liars. They have deliberately shielded themselves from direct questions, by the use of the antisocial distancing nonsense.

This is another reason they can’t drop all the restrictions. They would be open to be challenged on their decisions which have killed tens of thousands of people. The same people who voted for them and believed they were going to have a better life.

The more l write about what these politicians have done to families, businesses, and the economy, the more hatred l feel towards these lying cowards.

They have shown that they regard the public as numbers to be disposed of as casually as killing a mouse in a trap. To them, we are just vermin, consuming everything they believe is theirs.

This is nothing new of course, but in the past, it was usually wars which were used to thin the population.

They have now discovered that they can do the same thing, and probably worse, with the acceptance of the very people they are culling.

The enormity of what they are doing is such, that people who are addicted to watching BBC and other mainstream media, cannot grasp that this could be possible. If they did, they would probably go completely insane.

Everything they thought they knew, turns out to be a massive lie from birth to death, and all the bits in between. We are lucky enough to have found this information out over a period of years, but anyone opening up to this suddenly, is going to have serious issues with the facts.

We have all lived in a false reality until the point of discovery. But once that door is opened, there is no going back. More people have to be shown the key to this door is within their reach. It will be a frightening discovery, but one which has to be made.

The more people who turn the key, the more chance there will be of stopping this vile plan from reaching its ultimate conclusion.

If enough people see the truth, the pressure on some of the politicians involved will increase to the point where they will come forward and try to save themselves.

I remain more optimistic than pessimistic, and that is the balance we all have to try to keep.

To anyone who thinks they are alone, they are not. We are the many, not the few.

Honesty will triumph.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo by Justin Lim on Unsplash]

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  1. Paul Strachan
    Paul Strachan April 02, 02:12

    Excellent article Michael. 100% spot on. Sadly Truth and Integrity have all but disappeared from Public life and the general public now believe whatever bullshit the government push out. However, I believe, as you do, there is still room for optimism. As there is Night and Day, Black and White, Good and Bad, the controlling cabal, cult or oppressive regimes cannot change the natural balancing forces of nature (Jin and Jang). Lies will be equalled with Truth once again.

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