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Waves of Energy with Vitamin B Complex: Becoming A Junkie

July 16
09:30 2012
Los Angeles[UPDATE: Please view a Cautionary Tale in the comments section about using Vitamin B supplements for too long]

Ever since I found a cheap Vitamin B complex supplement on a dusty department store shelf, my life has changed. I’ve been completed. Enhanced. Filled with the Spirit. I mean that. My machine is working better than ever. I’d been a strict vegetarian for three or more years, but I’d been lacking that crucial vitamin that is mostly found in meat products.

I reviewed the B complex (the sublingual, “beneath the tongue” kind) at Yahoo! Voices. It’s not a great article. Strait-laced with only the hard facts. Professional, in another word.

I combine that Vitamin B liquid I take every morning to my daily strong, black cup of coffee, and I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with myself. Except write fake news articles and wild commentaries about politics, religion, culture, and people.

The energy hits in waves. For an hour during the afternoon I’ll think I’ve about zonked out for the day. Good Lord, I’m exhausted. I’ve been to the coffee shop. I’ve walked half a mile. I’ve written a couple articles and scoured the news. Now I’m ready for a nap. But then, a few minutes later, I’m slammed with another rush of energy. It’s not like a caffeine rush, but a mental clarity. A buzzing in the head. It feels good. I’m a junkie for Vitamin B complex.

Before stumbling over my deficiency, I was sluggish, weak, tired. After my morning cup of joe, and the subsequent caffeine high, I was through. Knocked out, and against the ropes of living. Tuckered like an old man. I thought I must have had a terrible disease. Something so foul I didn’t even want to go to the doctor. Even when I did go because of a car accident I was in–an 88 year old speed freak with no regard for red lights nearly sent me to the next level–the doctor chatted me up and I never got a chance to ask about my persistent dopiness.

He’d told me other valuable things, like men my age are killed by cars and other men. And that if I was going to have a car in Los Angeles, it had better be a decent-sized sedan with a lot of airbags. “Lots and lots and lots,” he said in his charming lispy voice. “Lots.” I would need airbags for the steering wheel, side windows, for my legs and feet. Couldn’t get enough airbags.

We talked about old people driving cars who shouldn’t be. Almost like launching a wayward missile down a street teeming with pedestrians.

And then he was gone. I saw a sweep of his white cape before the door slammed. I rubbed my fingers through my long hair and wondered just what had happened. I don’t want to know what his advice for feeling sluggish would have been. “The ancient Greeks thought the transfer of semen from one male to another was a source of energy. A for knowledge, too.” He would have shaken his balding head. “There are a ton of naysayers out there for that theory,” he’d say, “but I’m not one of them.” He’d tap my nose lightly with his stiff clipboard. “Come back and see me for the proper therapy.”

The last remedy he’d recommend would be Vitamin B complex.

So, I can’t applaud enough assisting your physical deficiencies with dietary remedies. If you feel sluggish, do some research on why. Study your diet. Are you getting enough fiber? Are you eating too many enriched bleach flower products? Too much sugar? Are you consuming fruits and vegetables? Without extra sugar sauces? Do you drink enough plain water? Not fruit juice or soda or coffee or tea, but water?

The more you know about your eating habits and health the better you will feel. We’re on the brink of a beastly national breakdown. You’d better have as much energy as possible. There won’t be any revolution with a bunch of sloths and simpletons. Arm yourself with the proper diet.


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  1. Lilly Hunter
    Lilly Hunter July 19, 08:23

    I would recommend extreme caution with regular and/or high doses of Vit B6 (piroxidine) as it causes damage to the nerves in your feet.

    I was a bit of a “Vit B junkie” as you call it, couldn’t manage work without it, so I took the common “B50” mix regularly for years. Now I can’t feel areas of my toes and feet, which is dangerous when walking and uncomfortable. It seems to be irreversable in my case. I also had to stop taking Vit B, so now I just feel tired all the time.

    People should take regular breaks from vitamin therapy and exercise caution.

    See this page from the NHS for information:

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