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Criticism Aimed (In)directly At Yours Truly

Every now and again, I receive a fair bit of criticism for the content of my writing, or its style. The following is a colorful burst of aggression shot into

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Waves of Energy with Vitamin B Complex: Becoming A Junkie

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles[UPDATE: Please view a Cautionary Tale in the comments section about using Vitamin B supplements for too long] Ever since I found a cheap Vitamin B

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The Forced Mediocrity of Capitalism

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles My reading list is down to two items: Hunter S Thompson, and the Book of Joel. Other than perusing the news everyday, and the political,

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Manifesting Your Dream House, Until Another Family Moves In

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles Even though this house has been sold (probably to a friendly family) I won’t stop dreaming about it at night. Or in the morning, either.

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Bloomsday, One Day Late

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE North Dakota A hack of a writer wrote a piece about his five favorite lines (and passages)

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