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Dick Cheney Acting Strange After Recent Heart Transplant, Rumors Say

March 27
07:09 2012

JACKSON, WY — The former Vice President Dick Cheney has, purportedly, been acting strange after his recent heart transplant. Cheney, 71 years old, successfully underwent the surgery on Saturday, and was said to be doing fine until the recent rumors were heard coming out of Wyoming.

The details are few, and probably just rumors, but neighbors nearby the former VP’s Wyoming residence said paramedics were called in, and then police came later. Two psychologists were supposedly airlifted to the Cheney residence. A team of doctors are said to be carrying out twenty-four hour surveillance of the 71-one year old politician, but these reports have only come from the local townspeople of Jackson.

A few specific stories about the former VP’s strange behavior have been collected by small news sources, but none have been released or printed due to the sensitivity of the claims, and the prestige of the man with which they’re concerned.

No word yet from the Cheney family. This is a developing story….


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