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Bloomberg Admits Fox News Report Prompted OWS Crackdown

November 16
05:29 2011
DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRENew York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg admitted late Tuesday evening that a wild Fox News report prompted his charge to crackdown on the Occupy Wall Street movement. He told a small group of press during an impromptu question and answer session that it was Fox’s startling news story that forced him to take “quick and significant” action.

The Fox report swirled around the web Saturday afternoon and stirred the hearts of red blooded Americans fed up with the socialist movement at Liberty Plaza. To hear the chilling fact that Charles Manson was behind it all was too much for the mayor.

“When I heard who was actually behind the Occupy protests, I immediately decided to give the nod to raid Zuccotti [Park],” Bloomberg said. “The action had to be quick and significant. If I had known that Manson had orchestrated the occupation from his jail cell on the other side of the country, I would have cracked down on the protesters the first day — no, the first hour — it started.”

Although the Fox network maintains its reporters used professional journalism skills and passionate integrity to break the story, they have yet to release the actual “cold and hard evidence” they claimed they had to verify Manson’s involvement with the OWS movement.

“To know that creep was behind this thing all along boils my blood,” Bloomberg said, in a rare emotional moment. “I mean, I was appalled this summer when Hollywood’s Walk of Fame decided to give that serial killer a star for his contribution in music. I was on the front lines fighting against that, and that includes placing calls to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.” Bloomberg readjusted the microphone and said clearly, “I’m no stranger to activism.”

Bloomberg admitted he didn’t know all the details behind the bizarre Manson murders in the summer of 1969, but he had read the first few chapters of Helter Skelter.


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