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Occupy Wall Street – Live from Zuccotti Park

September 19
01:14 2011
As hordes of angry people descend on Wall Street tonight, Dear Dirty America has sent Marlin, a long time friend of DDA. Marlin just phoned in with a quick report, but the noise drowned out his voice, and I could only understand that Marlin had arrived safely at Zuccotti Park and was handing out samples of wheat grass juice to the other protesters. Here’s a live stream of Occupy Wall Street.


“Lots of people here. I stopped at the nearest health food store and ordered up the most wheat grass juice I could afford with the money you gave me!” he shouted into the phone. “I’m broke, but I have 64oz. of wheat grass juice!”

The protesters will need strength to fight the destructive and powerful forces working inside Wall Street. The god of wheat grass will clad them in an invisible but protective green aura of courage and sanity. The forces they fight are dark, indeed. The NYPD has already blocked off the streets leading to Wall Street to keep the protesters away. The irony is that those police officers are not included in the wealth and material abundance that the Wall Street “suits” have bestowed upon themselves.

The policemen and women in America are truly on the side of the working class Americans. They too have lost their homes, been laid off, and struggle in a dead American economy — a disaster largely created by the mega banks and multi-national corporations that make up Wall Street. Yet, like morons, the NYPD fights for their oppressors. The police protect those who willingly destroy them.

In a just world, the police would turn on Wall Street and start arresting the real criminals.

“I might get arrested,” Marlin said into the phone, “but it’s for the revolution! And for Dear Dirty America,” he said. Marlin also covered the London Riots. See Marlin flies to London to join in riots

Check back for more updates from Marlin as the Occupy Wall Street story continues.

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