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Conservation Conversation Amid Mountains of Plastic

Conservation Conversation Amid Mountains of Plastic
January 04
19:46 2021


From the beginning of the house arrest and the removal of our liberties, the great green crusade has been quietly dropped.

The “30 seconds to save the planet” mantra has disappeared like an early mist lifting from the fields on a July morning.

There has been more plastic used, “to keep us safe”, in a few months than was used in the preceding 50 years. And not one of the hand wringing green whiners has said a single word against this policy.

Oceans now full of millions of non-biodegradable floating masks, killing everything, but I don’t suppose there will be a documentary on this, by David Attenborough, who was used as a tool by the green brigade when it suited them, but has probably now been retired to a luxury home for the bewildered.

Supermarkets are awash with plastic screening, which has no use except for keeping the public afraid.

Millions of plastic bottles of hand sanitiser have been emptied and disposed of, but we have no idea in what way that has been done.

The people who have been used over the last few years to terrify people into believing that there was only “12 years” to save the planet, have been dropped back into the darkness from which they emerged.

No one is paying any attention to conservation or global warming at all. Everyone has been distracted by the fear of their own death, so the death of the planet is very much pushed into the small room marked, “stuff we used to worry about”.

It would seem that the vast majority of people have never considered that they might die of anything.

Death has always been something which happened to other people, but the government propaganda has made people aware that it could easily happen to them, unless they follow the exact rules laid out by the government.

The “Masks will save your life and the life of your granny” mantra, pushed directly at the young, stirred primal emotions of self survival, which had never been seen before.

Social distancing will save your life.

Staying indoors in good weather will save your life.

Going outside, and or leaving your windows open in the dead of winter, will save your life.

None of this “advice” is designed to make people safe. It is to make people more likely to become ill and therefore be “diagnosed” as Covid positive.

School children being taught in classrooms with the windows open, is another part of the plan to make more people unwell. It really is utterly despicable behaviour by the government, and in my opinion, criminal.

I wonder if children are still doing projects on conservation, or has that been dropped now?

Not that it matters anyway. If teaching unions, in conjunction with the government, get their way, schools will be closed as part of the next step in the plan to ramp up the fear factor and get more people vaccinated.

Children are being used cynically by the people who are paid to look after their welfare. That doesn’t seem to be picked up by parents, or maybe it is, but they don’t know how to get it stopped.

People appear to be just a commodity to be used by the globalists to further their own ends. We are no more important than other animals and because we are too numerous, we have to be culled, in order to keep the super wealthy, super wealthy.

There aren’t enough wars now to do that job, so this “virus” scam has been used to camouflage the process of thinning the global population.

We have heard Bill Gates saying that he wants to vaccinate every human being on the planet. This will probably make people sterile or perhaps dead.

No one is explaining publicly exactly what they want to achieve, and that isn’t surprising. If they did, the public just might wake up to the danger.

I suppose if they intend to cull the human population, they will have planned how to get rid of the corpse mountains in an ecological way.

We might, I suppose, be turned into compost, or maybe we will just be left lying around to create more disease and act as a warning to other people.

Kind of like the authorities used to do in centuries past. Heads on pikes or bodies hanging along the roadside.

Will the green brigade make a comeback and complain about the unsustainability of this type of garbage disposal?

Who knows what the future holds, but unless people get their heads out of their backsides, it will not be good. Wake up now, before this becomes a reality.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo by Bessi from Pixabay]

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