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Ron Paul the Antichrist? ctd

August 15
19:02 2011
Dreamcatcher writes at Godlike Productions:

As much as I love the guy, it IS POSSIBLE.

He is adored and loved by many.

He could be the one to recover from a mortal wound….which could be winning the presidency…coming out of left field blind siding all other candidates.

He speaks as if he has the solution to all the worlds problems.

He would be the least suspected to implement the new world orders plans.

Anyway, do not be offended if you are a Ron Paul supporter. He sounds like a great guy….I am just saying that if you subscribe to the Anti-Christ is on his way theories, then consider it is someone whom will fool the world…..and I can’t think of anyone that fits this desciption better at the moment.

It sounds like this concerned citizen should join the secret group that meets on Los Angeles’ Wilshire Blvd. 


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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous August 23, 21:52

    If Revelations is a metaphor, because vision is just that, then I think we’re looking at it all wrong. I think we’ve got all this backwards, lol. We’ve been snowed about everything else, why not this, too? Reverse your thoughts, just as an experiment and look at the serpent not as evil, but as a test. How did we react? Did we fail because of the apple eating or because we didn’t own it? Follow that through in every Biblical story, sin is missing the mark. We misread the test as one of obedience instead of one of doing the right thing… What Jesus said, love others as he loved us. And we missed it again. I sure hope we don’t this time.

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