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Nobel Peace Prize: Norway Killer’s Plan for Peace Not Comprehensive As Obama’s

July 27
00:51 2011

The Nobel Peace Prize officially rejected a bid to award the Norway killer, Anders Behring Breivik, with its most prestigious prize. The committee announced the Norway bomber’s plan for peace and saving the West from Islam was not comprehensive enough to deserve the famous peace prize and it significantly fell short of Obama’s “much more effective long term predator drone peace policies.”

Many were expecting Anders Behring Breivik to receive the prize for his recent massacre and follow-up media attention denouncing Islam. In 2009, Barack Obama won the award “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” He’s largely achieved this with the use of predator drones to attack nations that are largely populated by Muslims.

“While we recognize Breivik’s attempt to overthrow Norway’s Labor Party because of their liberal agenda and importation of Muslims, we do not feel his actions were comprehensive enough to give real momentum to this set of causes.”

For those right-wing extremists wishing to save the West from Islamic extremism, the Nobel committee’s statement comes as a blow, along with the official Norwegian death toll dropping from 93 to 76. The Israeli blog force was also ‘up-in-arms’ that Breivik will not be getting the peace prize.  

“His [Breivik’s] statement keeps getting undermined by the liberal media. I don’t think it’s fair,” Jackson Brown, a self-proclaimed right-wing extremist and avid Glenn Beck fan, said, “that Obama gets the Peace Prize for curtailing Muslims and this Breivik guy doesn’t. It’s not Breivik’s fault he doesn’t have the predator drones and the strongest military on earth and the adequate fire power that Obama has. But he did the best he could with what he had to fight back.”

The Norway killer is quickly becoming a cult hero for those wishing to free the West from what they consider a fast-spreading cancerous growth: fundamental Islam. Breivik told the court he wanted to save Europe and send a strong signal. He even called the Norway massacre “marketing” for his online, 1500-page manifesto which called for a revolution against Muslims.


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