Dear Dirty America


Dear Dirty America

July 26
23:03 2011
I’ve written many articles at Associated Content, and I have built up a fierce and intimate audience of writers and readers. My articles at Yahoo! AC have largely been political, oftentimes satirical, and sometimes even serious. Speaking of my serious tone, I broke the news about a scandalous attempt to give Charles Manson a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Little did I know the article would be picked up by dozens of websites and spread across the Internet like Onan spreading his seed over his bare earthen floor.Charles Manson to receive star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

My punishment was not death, however, the folks at Yahoo! were not happy to have such publicity coming their way, via my article, so I decided to find a “freer” venue where I can more “unhingedly” write my strange satirical and sometimes subtly fake news articles.

Even got involved with the Manson deal. does good work, or so I’ve heard people say to each other as they sat drinking in a seedy Hollywood bar. Stop the Manson star! the people said. And I mostly agree.

And then some wild West bastard went around pinning up Stop Manson Star posters around Hollywood. One of my friends sent me a photo with his intelligent phone:

And then there were small protests on Vine & Selma. “1,2,3,4, please stop the Manson star!” It’s ugly when people get so involved.

I will still post articles on Yahoo! / Associated Content, but they will be more benign articles, such as the nuanced flavors that lurk behind the clean spring taste of popular brands of bottled water. You know, more serious content stuff. Article that help consumers. Because if this society is about one thing, it’s about consumerism.

On Dear Dirty America, I will post the spicy, king-hell satire that could get my head chopped off.

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