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Glitz & Glam: the US vs the UK

  MICHAEL J BLAIR Perthshire, Scotland  The Super Bowl. Now that is the way to put on a show. No expense was spared as the show began. We sat back, waiting with

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Elitist Eugenicists Suggest Depressed Patriots Fans Kill Themselves

Dear Dirty Newswire UNKNOWN — Emails and colorful blog entries from suspected elitist eugenicists circulated online calling for depressed New England Patriots fans to kill themselves. Fans of the NFL

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The Next Super Bowl: Iran vs US / Israel

Adam Michael Luebke Natl Correspondent Los AngelesTaking a drive around Los Angeles on Super Bowl Sunday is of particular delight to those of us who find professional football devoid of

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Steve Jobs’ Rumored Magical Musical Appearance with One Thousand Impoverished Chinese Child Laborers at Superbowl Half Time Show

Dear Dirty Newswire An email leaked out of Indianapolis and splashed across various websites online claiming that Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple, would be making a surprise musical

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