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Who Did You Vote For? Wall Street?

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles I’m so sick of seeing the Facebook and Twitter feeds filled with self-righteous voters proclaiming how excited they are that they voted for their favorite

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Our Elites Have Failed Us

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Los Angeles “After a public reading of the Declaration of Independence on 9 July, 1776, crowd pulls down statue of King George III to be melted into

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In Japan Criminal Execs Kill Themselves, In the US They Get Bailed Out

Reuters reports: A top executive of Japan’s scandal-ridden Olympus Corp has been found dead in a park outside New Delhi, an apparent suicide, The Times of India said on Tuesday, quoting police. Tsutomu Omori, 49, who was head

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Obama Asks Wall Street to Slow Donations, Needs Time to Sort the Cash

Dear Dirty Newswire WASHINGTON — President Obama made an informal plea to Wall Street asking them to temporarily slow their donations to his campaign. Barack Obama has raised more money

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The Ghost of Thomas Jefferson Reported Creeping Around White House

Dear Dirty NewswireWASHINGTON — Never have conservatives and Tea Party types been so enthused to hear the strange report coming

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Obama’s Flush With Dirty Cash

I met an older man in the restroom of the college I teach at. I’d never seen him before, but

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