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Michele Bachmann & Occupy Wall Street Want Other People to Pay for Their Stuff

In the following video, Michele Bachmann claims that the essence of Occupy Wall Street it to have other people pay for their stuff. As astute an observation as that is

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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Worship Ronald Reagan

If you’re one of those millions of unemployed Americans, you might want to relax and listen to this song. The song won’t fix your life, it won’t get you a

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Rick Perry Is A Sack of Wind!

More or less. According to Michele Bachmann, the great sufferer of migraine headaches, presidential candidate Rick Perry “sucks a lot of the oxygen out of the room.” I’d argue he

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Hurricane Irene & God & Michele Bachmann

God did this to us, man! Cyclonebiskit And speaking of untamed disasters, God also did this to us, man! Longinus Von Marx It’s clear. God desperately wishes to destroy America.

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Bachmann: It’s the Renaissance, Stupid

Christopher Knight writes: RHaworth It’s the Renaissance, stupid. The economy is not what ails us today. No, what ails Americans

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Iowa Ames Straw Poll: Bachmann Gets Randy Travis to Perform

Howard Fineman reports on the Iowa Ames straw poll: Michele Bachmann is pulling out all the stops: Randy Travis is

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Michele Bachmann Newsweek Cover Looks Like Charles Manson on Life Mag

Michele Bachmann with that crazy look in her eyes. And Charles Manson with that same look in his eyes. The only difference

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THE QUEEN OF RAGE – Michele Bachmann Graces Newsweek Cover

David Shankbone Newsweek is calling Michele Bachmann the “Queen of Rage”, but she seems pretty happy and complacent to me,

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