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Jobs Report Inflated by Hundreds of Temp Positions Hired by Chick-fil-A

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE (editor’s note: the Newswire feed spits out its own stories, and DDA publishes them faithfully. DDA does not support any business that deters freedom for any group

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Tell Me Again, Why Should Liberals Support Barack Obama?

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE Andrew Leonard’s latest helps remind us: Obama continued George W. Bush’s bailout of the financial sector, has failed to prosecute any Wall Street executives for crimes related

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It’s Good To Be In the Body Scanner Business

ADAM MICHAEL LUEBKE LAX CAR WRECK SERIES: PRELUDE – GOOD TO BE IN THE BODY SCANNER BUSINESS I’m sitting here extra early waiting for my flight out of this treacherous

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Obama Admits Gay Marriage Stance Came from Wild Dream

DEAR DIRTY NEWSWIRE WASHINGTON — Barack Obama leveled with America about the peculiar event that truly changed his mind about same-sex marriage. He denied Vice President Biden’s outburst the day

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