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Tell Me Again, Why Should Liberals Support Barack Obama?

June 14
00:20 2012

Andrew Leonard’s latest helps remind us:

Obama continued George W. Bush’s bailout of the financial sector, has failed to prosecute any Wall Street executives for crimes related to the financial crisis, extended Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy, passed an extremely mild piece of bank reform legislation and let the banks get away with murder on the housing/foreclosure crisis. But he also said a few mean things about Wall Street fat cats, and he supports, in theory, higher taxes for the rich. CLASS WARFARE!
Liberal disappointment in Obama is easy to understand. He didn’t nationalize the banks; he didn’t push for a public option in healthcare; he authorizes drones to murder from the sky; et cetera. He has not transformed America as so many people apparently hoped he would.

He did finally come out for gay marriage, but probably only because Joe Biden let his thoughts on the matter fly first. Other than his soothing speaking voice and cool-as-a-cucumber demeanor, I can’t figure out why any moderate or left leaning voter would give the nod to Obama.

And if you’re still talking about the lesser of two evils, that shit has got to stop. We’ve been faced with the lesser of two evils for a long time in this country, and it’s about time we choke off the evil altogether and get behind some real candidates. Like Roseanne Barr and her newly formed green tea party. That’s about as intelligent and compassionate and good as you can get.

If you want real change in this country, she’s your candidate. Here’s part of her immediate platform:

1.  Legalization of marijuana
2.  More support for Palestinians
3.  Federal law to forgive all student loan debt
4.  Shut down all U.S. military bases in foreign countries

President Obama could have done this when he first was elected. That’s the power granted him with a few million extra votes over John McCain. Obama could have buried the Republican party once and for all after eight nightmare years of GW Bush. But he didn’t. He was funded by the major banks and Wall Street scoundrels from the very beginning. He was on a leash, just like any Dem or Repub president will surely be. Can America afford to keep voting for what they consider the lesser of evils?

We’re still in a recession. Our real unemployment rate is over 14 percent. The private sector is not all right. The public sector is going to shed an enormous amount of jobs as soon as GOP austerity measures can get passed. That leads to further recession / depression.

Time to end the War on Drugs. Time to make Israel treat the Palestinians at least as good as most people treat their pet dogs in America. Time to debt that was spent in educating our citizens. Because that kind of money spent is profitable to society. And, it’s time to end America’s world domination and tyranny. That’s what causes terrorism. American troops everywhere. Drone strikes that take out families and towns and marketplaces and weddings.

We’re falling. Fast. Time to flick Obama and Romney, Bush and Kerry, Clinton and Reagan into the trash like a used up cigarette. Those days have to be over.

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