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The Great Green Scheme Scam

March 25
14:31 2012
Perthshire, Scotland 

Credit: M J Blair
Today, I listened to a radio show on BBC Five Live. An afternoon show of two hours duration. One of the guests, who had a book to publicize, was described in the introduction as a “climate change denier.”
Obviously the author took exception to this typical BBC description. He told the interviewer, a fully paid up member of the “all climate change is man made,” that he believed in climate change. In fact he stressed the existence of such. Without climate change, the world would be a very odd place!
As the interview continued, it was clear that the author was up against a man who not only hadn’t read the new book, but was totally brainwashed by the climate change lobby. There was little or no understanding of the subject at hand, and a rigidly held belief of green propaganda!


The author kept trying to get his, not exactly sensational, views heard above the near hysterical radio host. This is typical behavior of those who refuse to accept that there is an alternative opinion to theirs! 

As the interview came to a conclusion, the author, who had tried to stay calm and reasonable in the face of extreme provocation, and unreasoned stupidity, was still trying to explain, like a teacher to a rowdy and willful ten year old, how climate change was mostly nature being nature. Like me, he freely admitted that climate change is a reality. Just that he didn’t believe man was wholly responsible! 

I was embarrassed by the complete ignorance of the interviewer. This type of interrogation is usually confined to the right wingers of Fox News! Not an afternoon radio show on the BBC. 

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. More often than not, this is the reaction to any questioning of official climate change doctrine. It is taught in schools as if there were no other explanation to the changes in climate! In fact, for a child to question its veracity has become near heresy. 

There is no doubt that the climate is changing. It has to. We wouldn’t want the same weather every day! We cannot make the sun, wind, or rain stop bothering our busy lives. These people think there was nothing before they came along. Their arrogance is breathtaking! Do they really think that they have all the answers right? Do they really think everybody else, including very eminent scientists, are insane? 

Alternative types of energy are always going to be needed. That’s common sense! But destroying beautiful countryside with ugly wind turbines isn’t the answer. These monstrosities are a blight on the landscape! They have no redeeming features at all. If the wind is too strong, they have to be turned off! 

Maybe I’m nuts, but in wind turbines, the word “wind” should be a clue as to how they work! If the wind is really strong, the bloody things explode! Huge chunks of red hot shrapnel hurtling across the countryside are not going to produce much power! They might literally set the heather ablaze!

Wind turbines also won’t work if it’s really cold. The state of Minnesota spent $3.3 million on eleven turbines, and they don’t even work in the cold weather that grips that state for many months of the year.

Some wind turbines have been carelessly built in the UK where there is very little wind. Generous government subsidies have prompted construction companies to erect more than half ofBritain’s turbines in areas not windy enough to even operate at 25 percent of full capacity.

They also have a tendency to kill large birds of prey. These beautiful birds don’t realize the huge propellers will tear them to shreds!

Many of the wind turbines found in the United States aren’t even in operation. One report claims around 14,000 (and if only 11 cost Minnesotans over $3m, think of the wasted money). They were hastily built by companies seeking to cash in on the green movement subsidies.

One man got video of inoperable wind turbines along California Highway 58. He claimed one in four weren’tworking due to maintenance problems. The areas where these turbines are planted might be good for catching wind, but are hardly suitable for support equipment.

If the climate change zealots had been around millions of years ago, I wonder who they would have blamed for what was going on climate-wise? God? Oh wait, they don’t believe in him! But they aren’t long in attacking those who do! You see, it’s ok for them to question others’ beliefs, but woe betide anyone foolish enough to question theirs!

I can remember when climate change was called global warming. That stopped when the globe was no longeroverheating!

They pick and choose what suits their agenda. Now big business has realised how much money is to be made from this confidence trick. When this happens, you know it’s got nothing to do with positive change, it’s all about profit. The last big con, carbon capture, has disappeared up its own exhaust pipe! The list goes on.
As I end this piece, I would like everybody involved in renewable energy to come together for the common good. We know resources are finite, so it is in all our interests to find alternative energy sources. Wind turbines aren’t the answer. Far too many money making scams for the unscrupulous bastards in big conglomerates! If we agree things need to change, then they will. People power is the answer, not multinational corporation agendas.
Keep thinking, keep watching, and be aware you can be used!

Michael J Blair is a regular contributor to DDA. He can be reached at:

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