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Sense and Psychos

Sense and Psychos
November 10
12:07 2021


People used to say that nice people never came first in the game of life, but nice people generally don’t want to trample over others to get to the finish line.

The people who get to the top of the pile tend to be of a psychopathic nature, who have no conscience and are devoid of empathy for anything except money and power.

In the months since the beginning of the shit show, this contrast in the emotional make up of the human race has been writ large.

The obvious split would be between the public and the government, but although that is certainly the case, the real split has been between the people who have been able to see through the smoke and mirrors, and the gullible who swallowed each and every lie told to them by the government and their partners in crime, the media.

It would also appear that the lie swallowers fit neatly, if somewhat unexpectedly, into the psychopathic side of humanity. Nothing matters to them except the fight against anyone who pokes holes in their bubble of vaxxed comfort.

To them, there is only one view, and that is theirs and that of the government. The very strange part of this blinkered view, is that these are the very people who would have said that they didn’t believe a word said by politicians.

Now they hang on every larger and more desperate lie told to them.

In the past they would have avoided watching almost all political television programmes, like the plague. But in a complete reversal of habits, they even watch Parliament TV.

Any interaction with them on social media is very revealing. They will defend their position by parroting government propaganda like some kind of preprogrammed robot.

Faced with what anyone would describe as irrefutable evidence, their minds seem to seize up, and I’m sure if they were to be seen, smoke would be pouring out of their ears, as their brains go into meltdown.

They certainly seem to be suffering from some kind of psychotic hypnosis, fed into them by television news and unscrupulous career politicians who are obviously so excited by the huge financial rewards being offered by psychopathic old male billionaires, that they don’t care about anyone’s lives except their own.

We have witnessed the antics of Hancock coldly dumping his wife and children for someone who he probably thinks will enhance his career prospects. So far it appears that this has had the opposite effect.

On the side of rational thought, we look on in astonishment as parents drag their children to be injected with something which is harming adults, never mind small children. These so called adults are meant to protect their children, not deliberately put them in the way of obvious harm.

Two years ago I doubt that this could have happened. We are now seeing parents who seem to have gone completely mad. They are acting like cult members who will hear nothing against their leaders. Blind and deaf to any kind of rational discussion, they obey every insane edict without question.

Were they psychopaths prior to the recent government programming, or is this the end result of decades of subliminal advertising and the teaching of Marxism dressed up as socialism?

They are completely under the control of the government, who in turn, are under the control of global corporations and people who in any normal society, would be declared insane, and incarcerated for the safety of the public.

We can all be guilty of not seeing the “other side” of the argument, but in general we can tell right from wrong. Unfortunately we find ourselves in a situation where the people who in charge are making a lie sound like the truth to a large part of the public.

The entire thing is so twisted, it is virtually impossible to untangle the truth/lie knot.

On the more positive side, it is increasingly looking like the government, which now consists of the entire parliament, has become so consumed by keeping the public under its spell, it no longer knows what the hell it’s doing.

I’ve said before that l believe that some politicians are being controlled literally like puppets, by some kind of artificial intelligence, probably a sample of what could be in store for us at some point.

You may well smile and think I’ve gone nuts, but from what I’ve been reading and viewing recently, the future is here already. It has to be tested on real people, and who better than disposable politicians?

The only way to stop this lunacy from reaching the point of no return, is mass noncompliance on a massive scale. Which I know is easy to say or write, but in practice would not be a simple matter.

This should have been done from the very beginning of shit show, but better late than never. Time is of the essence and to delay allows the bad guys to push their agenda further and faster.

All is not lost, and I believe there is a groundswell of global resistance to stop what has been planned for the world.

The psychopaths will not win.

Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[header photo by Mike Chai from Pexels]


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