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Politicians Immune from Reality

Politicians Immune from Reality
October 31
20:19 2016

Perthshire, Scotland

So, the slimiest of of British politicians has not only escaped censure for his rent boy antics, he has been promoted to chair of the JUSTICE committee!

This is not only a slap to the face of natural justice, it’s a kick in the balls for society. This odious excuse for a human, had no regard for the position of trust he held, or any other positions he got into!

He was opening himself up for blackmail and probably many other things. This man has smarmed his way round television studios and lorded over what he would think of as lesser mortals on many occasions!

At last, I thought, this time the fat pompous egotistical twat had gone too far, and would finally get his fat arse kicked out and kept away from any possible position of power!

All had gone quiet for a while, and I thought his smug face would only be seen apologising for his stupid behaviour. But no. Tonight, I find out that the luckiest parasite in Westminster has been ELECTED to a new committee.

Now the truth has been laid bare, there has to be a change in public opinion. We can’t just sit back and allow these utter charlatans treat the rest of the country with total contempt!

Surely people will be so overcome with disgust and rage, they will show the establishment that they are not going to be crapped upon anymore!

I’ll happily dedicate the rest of my life to bringing the scum who pass themselves off as upstanding and honourable citizens, to book for their abuse of the trust we confer upon them when we elect the arseholes to parliament in the first place!

Politicians have become so immune to reality, they don’t even care what we think of them! Well, it’s high time they did care. We have to stop this before we become even more irrelevant!

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Michael J Blair contributes political analysis to DDA, and he can be reached at: His Twitter handle is: @mmjblair

[Political corruption drawing by WS Gilbert, in public domain, 1890, Wikimedia Commons]


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